About the Lost Ark Chapter Information category

This category is for all things you need to know about OTG in Lost Ark

Region: US East
Server: Avesta

We currently have five active in-game guilds:

  • Otg (main guild - everyone should have their main char here)
  • Otg Omicron (alt guild)
  • Otg Tau (alt guild)
  • Otg Gamma (alt guild)
  • Otg Zeta (alt guild)

To reach an officer of the Lost Ark chapter please reach out to any one of the following staff members:

  • Nordh / Nordh#1651
  • JohnAng3l
  • Adoman
  • Bruschi


Our primary method of communication is through our Discord section on the official OTG server. We use the chat channels for discussions, events, announcements and more. Please join us there!

To try to improve on communications between the guilds we have a global chat in game as well:

  • Old Timer’s Guild

How do you join a guild?

To join the chapter please follow the instructions in this section >>