About the Change to Pantheon Alpha Timelines

This is a little video by Bazgrim explaining the history of the Alpha timeline and some context around the changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=147&v=sWoEXiM4laA

Good find, @Finbar.

This got picked up on MassivelyOP too: https://massivelyop.com/2019/02/19/brad-mcquaids-pantheon-elaborates-on-its-alpha-timeline-modifications/

Bazgrim is my favorite of the Pantheon community content creators. It’s pretty cool to see him get recognized in the gaming press.

Glad to hear there is some info on this topic. I originally thought Alpha would happen in January based upon the game progress last fall. I’ve been playing EQ1 to pass the time until Pantheon Alpha starts.

I think it is smart to make the existing parts of the game more playable before new testers get access for the first time. If they get a bad feel for the game and don’t understand what Alpha entails, there will be certain expectations that won’t be met. The game doesn’t need bad press that might discourage a good player base when it gets released.

Hey Modu.

Truewall and I are going to be playing EQ some when the new progression servers go live. Maybe we will see you there.

What server? I’m considering Selos possibly.

Which server will you play on and when will it come online?

I will come back here to confirm once I see the changes they are making to the proposed new servers.

I’m playing on Coirnav at the moment, knocking off the rust. Let me know which server you guys choose and I’ll hop on it when it goes live.

We will be playing on SELO.

I’m really looking forward to the Selo thing. I’ve been toddling around on various servers the past few days playing lowbies and even sprung for the all-access to get access to the current TLPs.

Cool. I started my paid sub again last night. I am going to be playing a Wood Elf Bard. Truewall is doing a halfling druid, and high elf Mage on the other account.

SHADOW NUGGET… I am will go start again on the progression server… let me know which one…

Just saw which server etc… I am currently looking at Shaman, Mage and later Cleric.

Hey man. Selo for EQ1. I will also be doing this on EQ2 on Kaladim.

Count me in! Selo works and I usually play either a Paly or Cleric!

K, on Selo with a Paly named Sineater. Is a guild being started or just look for players in game?

I don’t t think there is a guild as there are not that many of us playing. I am running with a group called Altered Minds. Ping me in game; look for Fynn.

You guys have me tempted to come and play this also. I wouldn’t mind playing an enchanter. Loved being the ‘traffic cop’ in EQ way back when lol. :slight_smile:

I played to level 40 and stopped. Others are still playing.

I just don’t have the time for it, my game time is distracted by IRL stuff too much :slight_smile:

I can certainly understand that!

If not too much RL stuff, then there’s also too many other games, and not enough time lol.