A Special Day Today

Today is a special day for two reasons.

  1. It’s @Duvago 's Birthday YaY Happy Birthday to my dearest most awesomest gaming friend. May I annoy you for many more years to come. I hope you have the best day ever.

  2. On this day ten years ago, I came hurtling onto the OTG scene and changed your lives forever more. For some of you this may have been when you developed migraines for the first time. LoL I was a complete nOOb! (What the heck is need or greed for crying out loud?) It was shortly before this day when I lost my MMORPG virginity. OTG in many many ways you completely changed my life for the better. I LOVE YOU ALL OTG!

I may be brittle on the outside, and bright on the inside, but it’s you lot who fill me up with sunshine even on a cloudy day. Thank You for accepting me into your community all those years ago.

Love & Hugs
From Safari
Your favourite Aussie :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy 10 years, Safari! :heart::sunflower::four_leaf_clover:

Safari, its always an interesting conversation in your presence…and many times hilarity ensues in one manner or another :rofl:

I know Aussies are a world apart…my mum was one and I had the great good fortune to visit with my grandparents back in 59/60 (around the time Hawai’i gained statehood). I have memories that I would never have accumulated had it be otherwise. Good, funny and a bit horrific (face-to-face w/a HUGE red roo) memories.

Keep safe and happy gaming, always!

Happy 10th birthday ratbag :smiley:

Happy BD Duvago

Grats on 10 years with OTG @Safari
10 Year Member Badges - Help Center - Old Timers Guild

Happy OTG anniversary, Safari. :slight_smile:

Happy 10 years, Safari!

Happy OTversarGy!

Aww shucks you guys are awesome and you got me a new badge to boot. Thanks heaps :smiley: