A NEW Way To Play WoW? AUTO Casting, Targeting & Interacting Options

There are some interesting pieces of information contained in this video that I noticed would be helpful for those of us with some accessibility issues. I think this will be really helpful for those who are disabled, have arthritis in their hands and so on. Well worth watching in my opinion.

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  1. Having to constantly hold down a button to cast would seem more problematic for people than simply re-pressing a key. (I’m thinking of anyone with any type of carpal tunnel syndrome) I know years of holding down the W key has caused issues for me.

1a) will not work for macros…so if your one of those people who likes to use macros to simplify gameplay ( and this is more for those with accessibility issues and can benefit from macros) this will not work for you.

  1. auto soft targeting, kinda neat, but do we really want to give Prissy more things to “accidentally” pull? “Huh, where did George go?”

  2. auto interaction, this one looks very beneficial, but I see issues still if someone drops a vendor mount on top of the item. You still might have problems getting the right window to open for you.

  3. buddy dragon riding…vigor will be shared cooldown shortly once they realize people are exploiting it.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t think Bliz has thought these things through well enough. I can just imagine the flood of comments on their bug report thread after these go live… :laughing: Unintended Consequences

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Now if you thought of it, I am positive others have as well… somehow I feel sorry for Bliz when this hits the fan.

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Huh. Mac hit the nail with the holding the key down. I have enough issues with my hands. Don’t need more.

Was this broken? Why is it being fixed?

I have to agree. With arthritis in my hands, my fingers will lock up on occasion and its painful, so I try not to hold that position too long. It developed over the year doing pottery. Having to use my fingers in such a position to shape a bowl or cup became hard, so I learned new techniques to over come that problem.

Same with gaming…I figured out what I can do without having to hold a button down for so long. But on the other side of the coin, there might be disable people who play Wow who really do need this option in order to still play wow.

The auto casting is more from a latency issue, people have noticed (especially now) that cross-faction events can cause more latency in larger events (especially cross-realm raids). If you hold the key than your not missing that cast once off the GCD. I think we have all seen this at some point when we press a button…nothing happens, then it visually goes off.

Again, all these abilities are in the options menu and can be selected/de-selected based on your preference of gameplay.

I am hoping they put them in the options with an ability to select or deselect. I know that in cases of folks with disabilities or missing limbs, this can be a godsend for them to be able to play.

Looks good to me. Features many games already have.