A few questions I'm not seeing answers to on spectrum

Maybe I’m not searching for the right things on spectrum but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about mini maps. I don’t know how everyone else gets around and finds the shops they want, but I can’t seem to keep my bearing in game and spend more time going in circles running past the same places instead of finding new places. Does anyone know if there are going to be mini maps to help you navigate to dumpers depot or to the transit for the space port ect.?

Also wondering will the HUD get a make over to help with night landings? Right now it seems pretty rough since its a bit of the PITA to even find the right hangar planet side…day or night. Night landings, for me anyway, are horrible as I can barely make out where the hangar area is located let alone which one I’m supposed to land in.

Lastly, well for now, how can you tell if a magazine has ammo/charge or is empty/depleted? Do they already have a way to reload/recharge spare clips?

We have not heard talk about mini maps in a long time but my understanding was that CR is generally against the idea and wants the world to be more interactive.

HUD is getting a very big makeover. Just don’t ask when. It has been on the list for over 2 years now as a major feature update. But it keeps getting bumped behind other things. It will still happen, sooner or later, or later.

As for magazines, I don’t think there is a way to tell, or to reload used or spent mags. Just buy new ones as far as I know. Again, that is for now. A lot of what we have is just a placeholder for things that will be fleshed out more later.

Hmmm not sure I really understand CR’s thinking on mini map, at least for city areas like Area 18. Right now we can pull out our phone and pull up google maps to just about anywhere we want to go and it frequently gets us to the right place, so it kinda feels like a step backward to not have access to that info kinda info in the future.

Glad to hear the HUD is something they are aware needs work.

I guess ammo is gonna confuse me because I don’t seem to drop empty/depleted mags so when I run out of ammo and tap R to reload I just look at the weapon but don’t change anything. If I pull up my inventory all my extra magazine slots show I have a mag there but I can’t tell if any have ammo so if I buy more mags I have no way to tell if the mag I just put in the slot is the empty I just pulled out or a new one I just bought. LOL

Anyway, thanks @Simdor for the info.