9.2 preparation

Here’s another short video with information on what to do before 9.2 drops.

From what I gathered listening to this video was he suggested holding off from crafting another legendary as that may change. Especially since he indicated covenant associations may also change up powers for you.

Quite a bit of information, although somewhat thin on exact details, which actually I think is wise. Because he indicates that a lot of things may change, you don’t want to spend so much time pre-building your spec only to find Bliz changed it all on you…including which covenant you may want to use.

However, he does recommend leveling all covenants to 80 so you have a choice once the patch goes live. I am in the process of leveling up my third covenant so I probably will spend time this next week completing that and seeing about doing the 4th one, which I hope I can finish before the 22nd. (It will be a bit tight for me as I don’t play that often during the day)

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While you might want to hold off crafting a new legendary until the class tuning is finished and the patch goes live, you will still want to have enough Soul Ash (5150) & Soul Cinders (1650) available to get your legendary to Rank 6 if crafting completely new. (Remember you can always scrap old legendries for Soul Ash/Cinders, but you will not recover the Base Item (this is what makes it pricey))

To upgrade from Rank 6 to a Rank 7 legendary will cost you 2000 Cosmic Flux plus a Rank 7 Base Item.

Rank 7 Base items are crafted from a Rank 4 + Vestige of the Eternal (+3),
just as Rank 6 was crafted from a Rank 4 + Vestige of Origins (+2)

The main reason to think of this is the upcoming double legendary available in Week 5 of 9.2
If you mainly play the covenant legendary (Night Fae: Decaying Soul Satchel for Warlocks for example) you will want to be ready to craft/upgrade a legendary that will compliment that covenant ability.


As usual, Bliz has added another layer to grind for with all the different currencies that are coming. Check out that Wowhead ptr page for what is known. I noticed the information on the wowhead page to show what items, and how many, will be needed (at least at this juncture, which could change later).

I also found a Wow forum page that addresses some of this as well.

It actually won’t be too bad this round.

For JC, we only need

2x Essence of Rebirth
2x Essence of Torment
2x Essence of Valor
2x Essence of Servitude
10x Progenium Ore
2x Progenitor Essentia

Progenitor Essentia is the only difficult item to obtain at the moment. And since this is the PTR they can always adjust this before launch or if they see too few in circulation, raise it before it is an issue.

Progenitor Essentia is Korthite Crystals 2.0, and we needed 40 of those in 9.1. How hard could it be to get 3?

You want a 3rd one for the Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones. This is the item used to craft a single item at ilvl 262.

Only thing will be if your main isn’t a gatherer, be sure to send that alt as quick as possible to start farming reagents for your main.