9.1 Chains of Domination Tuesday, June 29th

Just a reminder if you have been taking a “break” from WoW Retail. This Tuesday, June 29th will see the launch of the 9.1 Patch Chains of Domination

If you have any Valor you need to spend it and upgrade any items by Monday, July 5th. All Valor will be converted to gold when the new Mythic Season is launched on Tuesday, July 6th.

Raid 9.1 will open on Tuesday July 6th. So one week to explore the new content and get some nice ilvl increases on any alt prior to the Raid Launch if you are feeling like playing a different class.

Fun Times are coming with the new Super Dungeon Tazavesh! Opens Tuesday July, 6th.

and we get to grind another 40 Renown with our covenants…yippie, but we get Flying by week 2 at Renown 44!