7 days to die : building question

just a building question if anyone has played or plays 7DtDie.

For walls do you just use the full blocks for the walls? There’s a half block that can be a wall but that leaves half a block gap when placing items.

at the moment I’m building on top of a boat dock platform, that’s on tall pylons, I came across out in some lake. the zombies that follow me end up on the bottom of the lake wandering around. lol. hope they don’t start whacking on the pylons. figure I’ll start camping here till I get more experienced with 7DtDie and find another more permanent home base.


where to start I have nearly 2000 hours in 7 days and still a noob , regards to building. The half blocks can be useful in base defences as the z’s cant squeeze past them but you can poke them with sharp object or bullets or fire half blocks have the same hit points as full blocks. you can also stack half blocks on top of each other with a full block gap in the middle if you spin one upside down. but the z’s still cant crawl past .

here is the youtube link for one of the better mega builders in the game but certainly will inspire you to bigger projects. There are a lot so don’t get hooked or you’ll never have time to play haha

May your next horde night not be your last :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to build a separate base for horde night and another for keeping all your loot and forges etc the horde base will get trashed eventually but they wont go near your home in any numbers if your not in

Great advice thank you. Esp. about having two separate locations.

Last night I was spending more time base building than anything else.