5.10 Gearing Concerns

The silence from Bioware on gear issues from 5.10 is ridiculous. There are two major issues with gear right now:

#1 – Mods and Enhancements are bound to a particular piece of gear (ie main hand, chest, etc). I understand the armoring pieces being piece bound but mods and enhancements being bound makes zero sense and doesn’t allow anyone to min / max their gear.

#2 – The new set pieces do not mix and match with the old set pieces. Now, we basically have to farm six new pieces of gear before we can upgrade any of our armorings.

Whose brilliant ideas where these?

These are good questions, so let me try to address them.

1 – This is an intended change. That being said, we know there is definitely some friction from this change and so keep raising your concerns/feedback which I can pass to the team. We have made no secret of the fact that we know we are due for some big itemization changes to address a variety of issues around gearing. Please keep telling us what you would like to see in the future from gearing in SWTOR. We will continue to gather feedback and as we get into the next year, we will have active conversations with you about future gearing plans.

2 – This is a bug, I acknowledged it here. The reason we didn’t fix it with today’s patch is that addressing this issue is actually pretty substantial from our side. It will involve us not only fixing the items to work properly going forward, but we need to actually “change” the gear already in the wild to work together. That is the part that is challenging as we need to touch armorings that players are wearing without impacting the rest of their gear. We are working on a solution for this, but it is not something we could turn around in time for 5.10a.

Thank you all for your continued feedback. Bigger itemization changes will come and we will definitely talk through them with you when they get here (not soon™). Thanks all.