4th time starting over

I have a hate love relationship in regards to ark. lol My first character died in the evening hours in heavy rain as one of those big crocodiles chewed through my proudly and newly built Thatch Fortress.

Came back a couple months later, after playing for a week, for survivor #2. Oh, I had such a hard fearful time trying to bolo and tranq a raptor. ie: “a” raptor. I had no idea they ran in packs of um … alot. Had no idea of “Alpha’s” either. I mean … why … the pain was already hard and real. haha.

Came back a month later and now I know what I’m doing … wrong all this time. Oh yeah , I got me a one of those mosschops, one of those pig like things that make a ton of Poo-Poo, I’m into gardening now boi! , even got a therzenosarus, lvl 4, trapped in some rocks. Tranq’d that bad boy and eventually could ride it. What … there’s caves? Oh my god … Caves are really really bad. Worse than raptors. Water filled, gas filled , filled with chamelion(sp) things. The moar I … work at Ark … the moar pain I discover. hahah

So now I’m on survivor #4. Building my “home base” on the western southern edge of what’s called “Brawler” island. Ok, I get it that a pack of Hyena’s broke through my wooden walls , killing my only friend a lvl 8 Parasaur named “Ride 1” and killing me. Oh oh oh … I’ll get ya. Stone is under my command now and I begin to build stone walls. BUT not before a glowing Alpha Raptor named “I’m gonna git ya” and it’s pack of raptor misfits bust many many of my wooden walls killing my 2nd and only recently made friend a Lystosaurus named “FARMER 1” … they tear up 3 of my 4 wooden library storage units, and kill me a coupld times. I was using sleeping bags so I end up respawning on the ass end of the lower western coast. Of course it’s night time and every sound is scaring the crap outta me. At least it’s not rain … oh it begins to rain heavily … I can’t see jack … I’m running full bore jumping over dark masses I can’t tell if it’s rock, downed tree, or something that wants to eat me.

Wheeee … Ark. Can’t put the game down though. I wish “No Man’s Sky” was a little more … interesting/on the edge of your seat … like Ark.

ps: It’s good times flying around on my Argentavis (big flying bird) and I pick up dodo’s or hyenas or whatever I can … fly 'em out to sea and feed the Sharks. lol. When I do immature stuff like this I don’t believe the developers saw sick bastards like me comming. haha


LOL, I feel your pain.

I know a fair number of the developers. And trust me… They did :slight_smile: They implemented plenty of stuff to enable that.

And here’s a fitting picture: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/434753356586549249/701929980476522526/ifn4q2q1uxt41.png

Know a few … lol … tell 'em this guy wants to kick them squarely in the nuts a couple times while laughing. hahaha

The running joke with us was that we’d invite them all over for a beer. Or 15. And then take them out back and beat the crap out of them :smiley: Sadistic bastards, the lot of them!