3 of the 4 chapter officers don't have accounts... do people still play and can I get tagged?

I sent messages to the first 3 officers listed and they all said account not found. Does that topic on how to join need to be changed? I was able to send a message to the fourth one on the list.

How many OTG actively play? I finally convinced my son to play an MMO with me and this is the one he chose.

make sure you both registered then you want to pm tess_phyreforge to get guild invite i would do it but im having troubles getting program to work thank you smithfire

In the game or here? When I sent to her in the game it says account not found.

you message her in forums

@MercyKilled I found this link in the ESO forums. Hope it helps.

mercy in response to people playing. There are a lot still playing and a few guild events every week. Once do the forum stuff to get invite you don’t even need to be online to recieve the guild invite it will be where in game mail shows up and you just click on it there. Tess is very active in game might be just way you sent the in game mail. I was confused some with way it worked also when I returned a few months ago. if still have problems check discord there usually people on there also most times.


if you are using their forum names to contact them in game that is the reason you are getting account not found

List of Officer and in game contact