3.6 is LIVE

Title says it all, but here is a link to some great info about what is in 3.6:

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Also 3.6.1 is on the PTU…they seem to have brought the PTU up for more testing…

Roger that.
Logged in last night and again today to check out the changes in PTU.
Nothing too special, though the camera options are nice.

And now 3.6.1 is live as well, however a full wipe.
It seems to be more stable guys, so you might want to have a look…

Yeah from what I saw on PTU, this is VERY stable. Played for over 6 hours without a crash.

Which to me means trading with a fully loaded Cat, as the risk of losing the cargo in a cliënt crash is drastically reduced. Last time I tried I lost roughly 200k lol.
Anyway in about 2 months it resets again…

For now.
They are working toward persistence between patches and CR has mentioned it as a priority.
I expect by end of year they will stop wiping between patches but still offer you a ‘reset’ option in case you need to wipe your data.

Yep, I know; hope you are right :slight_smile: