3.6 build to ETF this weekend

Just dropping a quick note to let you guys know that I have been testing the latest 3.6 build this past weekend.
It includes the P-72 Archimedes (twin sister the the Merlin) and some new flight mechanics built around Hover and VTOL as well as the standard offering of enhancements and bug fixes.

Too early to really get a feel for things but so far the hover mode is great. Feels like a big ship is fighting gravity at very low altitude just like it should. And they added back the animations for some of the ships that have VTOL, like the Cutlass, so it looks bad ass too.

I took some video of me flying around Hurston with my 85x, and as soon as they allow us to share I will drop it here for you guys. Also happy to record anything specific that you want to see, so don’t hesitate to ask.

I expect this will be a fairly short test cycle since they are slated to drop this to Live in a about 10 days. But they may delay until after the 4th? Seems like it would be a great time for a mini-free fly event to me but I never try to understand the decisions of CIG marketing.

Hope you guys are enjoying 3.5, and I will keep you up to date on anything new I hear about 3.6 as it gets tested and ready for public PTU.

See you all 'round the verse!


Cool, any info you can share is always appreciated.