3.5 Is in PTU

It is a 25GB download over an existing 3.4 install.

nabbing it now

Yes because you are getting a whole new planet and its moons as well as a few new ships, female characters and a few weapons.
But mostly the ArcCorp stuff is the big download.

And remember, the flight model is very different and works best when you set up your HOTAS/HOSAS to your own liking. The default set up is garbage.

Well it took about 12 hours for me to get the account copied over email. Then I logged in to update and it just sat there with the launcher with the old version listed. I finally just said screw it. I uninstalled the launcher and then deleted the PTU folder. Have it doing a fresh install so I’ll likely have to wait a while before I can jump into it. I’m really looking forward to crashing my ships a lot since I do not have a Hotas or HOSAS setup.


How many servers are there? I am guessing that PTU is not the server that everyone who buys a $45 starter kit gets access to since I just logged into that server with 3.4.3 and took my mustang for a short flight around Port Olistar with no problem.

As far as I know there are at least 4. Devs have thier testing area, Evocati (testing group with NDA) has a server. PTU has a server (Non NDA testing area). And then there is the PU Server which is the one you are on.


Okay, one more server then I realized, thanks.

Expect to see it go to live server today, tomorrow at latest.
Though I really expected it there this weekend so what do I know.

Well I’ll have to wait for it to hit Live. My PTU installer keeps regressing with a new launcher update and then it shows the PTU version as 3.2.0-PTU.795153. I haven’t seen anyone post anything about this on the PTU forums so It might be something that is likely messed up on my system.

have fun for those able to putter around in the PTU.


I have to say I am surprised they are still pushing versions to PTU and it has not gone live.
They must still be finding bugs that are big enough to block live release though I have no clue what those are.
Latest iteration of Aim Assist is nice and will open up space combat to some of the less proficient pilots and make it more fun and less frustrating.

Looks like an NVIDIA GPU crash holding things up: