3.4 has gone PTU

It is open to the PTU, not sure what access yet though I suspect if it is not already everyone it will be by the weekend. They want this one out to Live sooner than later.

New ships - Freelancer variants, 600i Luxury variant
New Location - Central Business District in Lorville
New Missions - Bounty Hunter missions, FPS assault missions to clear bunkers, updated trade/cargo missions

It is a much smaller patch than 3.3 was content wise but it has some nice quality of life improvements (such s as tapping F for the default interaction) and on a personal note, I absolutely LOVE my Freelancer DUR.

Enjoy the PTU and I will see you all in the verse!

Upgraded my FL to the MAX. I’m pretty sure it’s never going to fight again now that it has a HUGE ASS but I’m pretty much done until something more fun shows up or I finally get a S4 science ship.

The MAX is a great cargo ship. People are complaining about the turret struts being in the way of parking an Ursa inside, but I do not see a problem. The ship was never advertised as a vehicle transport, always as a cargo hauler and it excels at that job right now.

I am still in love with the DUR, especially after they changed the default load out to be 4 xS3 Attrition repeaters.

Also a big fan of the Arrow right now, that little turret up top makes all the difference for some reason.

With Bounty missions being a thing now, having a pair of distortion repeaters up top is handy.

It is currently in PTU Wave 1 I believe. If things go well, will probably be opened up fairly quickly to the rest of the backer base.

I’ll be flying around a lot on the PTU this weekend if anyone’s interested in flying with me.

No D&D this weekend, but we do have gifts to wrap. With any luck I should have a couple hours to muck about after I get it downloaded and installed.

Cool beans.

I’ll probably be spending a good portion of Saturday morning re-configuring my Dual Stick joystick profiles. My last profile got corrupted somehow so I need to start from scratch… Note to self, always back that file up!

I had a great session in 3.4 for about 3 hrs this morning without too many hiccups. The gameplay is slowly coming together. And like Simdor I seem to be going to my DUR and Arrow most often.

Exactly. I’m not hauling toys, I’m keeping equipment for field deployment (hopefully) and supplies for crafting/assets.

I love the arrow. I’d get one for style if I had more cash.

Distortion is now tagged on about half the hulls in the game in place of energy resistance. I think they plan on making the damage resistances type just as diverse as the weapons.