3.4 ETF testing has begun

So it actually started last week, but I have been a little busy, then under the weather, then busy actually testing, so I forgot to post it here.

So far we have the Freelancer variants, which are absolutely AMAZING, and the 600i luxury cruiser variant which is more like a mini 890 than anything. Very plush, cabins and a glass floor for viewing the scenery on the trip.

Other than ships they have opened up the Central Business District in Lorville. While I loved the visuals there, and the overall feel of money spent on looking like you have money, there is nothing to do there yet other than look around. So it was cool but a bit meh.

No other major changes yet. All NDA still but what I have just mentioned was already leaked all over reddit multiple times over so I am not giving you anything you can’t find with a little basic google-foo.

I can’t over stress how much I love the Freelancer DUR. They did a great job on the variants, truly top notch.

As soon as the NDA is up I will drop a few screenshots here for all to see.

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Can’t wait.

The DUR was my one big pickup during this years anniversary sale (from an Arrow LTI token). I am looking forward to how that gameplay pans out. I kept an extra Arrow too just because it is awesome.

The DUR is my favorite Freelancer and high up on my list of all time favorite ships.
It was smart to keep the Arrow. It is, in my opinion, the updated Gladius from Anvil and an excellent light fighter.
The cockpit layout of the Arrow is better than any ship so far and the hardpoints offer typical Anvil array of options that far surpasses the competition.

Last night I tested a new mission type, and it blew me away.

I approached a mission site from space, into atmo, down to the surface of the planet. As I got closer I noticed another player there, he had also taken the same mission. Rather than compete, we decided to work together and both get paid for the mission. OF course this was done over in game coms, which made it even cooler. We assaulted a bunker, complete with AI guards throughout the facility. My new partner went down with only 1 enemy remaining. I duck walked around a support pillar, out of ammo in my main weapon but I had my Arclight. He had not noticed me yet so I used lean right to ease around the pillar, and with 3 rounds left in my pistol I emptied the clip into the back of his head.
I then worked my way back out of the underground bunker and to my ship, flew to the office and turned in the mission for 4000 credits.

Yeah, this game is about to explode.

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