2024 PC Games in the Pipe (UPDATED May 1st)


January 17 — Dominions 6 - Rise of the Pantokrator - God war 4X (Steam)

January 18 — New Cycle (Early Access) - Post-solar flare city builder (Steam)

January 18 — Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - PoP platformer spinoff (Epic)

January 19 — Palworld (Early Access) - Open-world gun Pokemon (Steam)

January 23 — Lil’ Guardsman - If Papers, Please was Adventure Time (Steam)

January 24 — Anomaly Agent - 2D timewarp cyberpunk brawler (Steam)

January 24 — Enshrouded (Early Access) - Valheim plus polygons (Steam)

January 25 — Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Yakuza new and old (Steam)

January 25 — Unforetold: Witchstone (Early Access) - Freeform CRPG (Steam)

January 25 — Phantom Abyss - Asynchronous multiplayer tomb raids (Steam)

January 26 — Tekken 8 - next installment of the fighting series (Steam)



February 1 — Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Spinoff ARPG (Steam)

February 2 — Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Cape killing (Steam)

February 2 — Persona 3 Reload - a P3 remake (Steam)

February 8 — Helldivers 2 - Third-person starship troopin’ (Steam)

February 12 — SpellRogue (Early Access) - Wizard deck-building (Steam)

February 13 — Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - 1600s RPG (Steam)

February 13 — Islands of Insight - Open world online puzzles (Steam)

February 13 — Lysfanga - Time clone action tactics (Steam)

February 13 — Ultros - Psychedelic Metroidvania (Steam)

February 14 — Solium Infernum - Grand strategy in Hell (Steam)

February 16 — Skull and Bones - Ubisoft’s pirate game (Epic Store)

February 19 — Nemire - Undead army tactics RPG (Steam)

February 20 — Balatro - Poker hand deckbuilding roguelike (Steam)

February 20 — Nightingale (early access) - Fae realm crafting survival (Steam)

February 21 — Last Epoch - ARPG dense with skill trees (Steam)

February 21 — Penny’s Big Breakaway - 3D yoyo platformer (Steam)

February 21 — Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance - RTS against Skynet (Steam)

February 22 — Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator - Green-thumbing (Steam)

February 22 — Pacific Drive - Road trip survival sim (Steam)

February 23 — Promenade - Cute cartoon platformer (Steam)

February 27 — Wrath: Aeon of Ruin - Quake-like retro shooter (Steam)

February 28 — Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Remake - Lads redux (Steam)

February 28 — Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster - Katarn++ (Steam)

February 29 — Ad Infernum - Demonic gas station immersive horror (Steam)



March 4 — The Thaumaturge - Occult CRPG in 1905 Warsaw (Steam)

March 5 — Expeditions: A MudRunner Game - Dirty trucks! (Steam)

March 5 — Quilts and Cats of Calico - Sewing, puzzles, felines (Steam)

March 6 — Reveil - First-person puzzle thriller (Steam)

March 7 — Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley - Cozy Moomin game (Steam)

March 7 — Zoria: Age of Shattering - Fantasy tactics RPG (Steam)

March 8 — Summerhouse - Casual building designer (Steam)

March 12 — Tribes 3: Rivals (Early Access) - Tribes returns (Steam)

March 19 — Lightyear Frontier (Early Access) - Chill mech farming (Steam)

March 20 — Alone in the Dark - 90s horror classic reboot (Steam)

March 21 — BattleJuice Alchemist (Early Access) - Strongest potions (Steam)

March 21 — Dragon’s Dogma 2 - Capcom’s open world fantasy (Steam)

March 21 — Horizon Forbidden West - Another Aloy adventure (Steam)

March 22 — TerraTech Worlds (Early Access) - Rover-centric survival (Steam)

March 25 — Acolyte of the Altar - Monster-hunting deckbuilder (Steam)

March 25 — Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the mist (Early Access - Steam)

March 26 — Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles - Falconeer city building (Steam)

March 26 — Outpost: Infinity Siege - FPS RTS with mechs (Steam)

March 26 — South Park: Snow Day - The next South Park RPG (Steam)

March 27 — Distant Bloom - Cozy alien planet restoration (Steam)

March 28 — Omega Crafter (Early Access) - Programmable Palworld (Steam)

March 28 — Pepper Grinder - 2D drill-based platformer (Steam)

March 29 — Felvidek - Monochrome medieval RPG (Steam)



April 3 — Planetiles - Planetary puzzler (Steam)

April 5 — Sons of Valhalla - Viking game that reminds of Kingdom (Steam)

April 9 — Botany Manor - Plant-tending walking simulator (Steam)

April 9 — Children of the Sun - Bullet-bending sniper puzzles (Steam)

April 10 — Broken Roads - Post-apoc Australia RPG (Steam)

April 10 — Sky: Children of the Light (Early Access) - Peaceful MMO (Steam)

April 16 — Harold Halibut - Claymation space story (Steam)

April 17 — Morels: The Hunt 2 - Fungus foraging sim (Steam)

April 18 — No Rest for the Wicked (Early Access) - Ori devs’ ARPG (Steam)

April 23 — Bellwright (Early Access) - Medieval management and survival (Steam)

April 23 — Phantom Fury - 3D Realms shooter (Steam)

April 23 — Rumble Club - Fall Guys with punching (Steam)

April 23 — Tales of Kenzera: Zau - Bantu-inspired metroidvania (Steam)

April 24 — Oddsparks (Early Access) - Pikmin meets Factorio (Steam)

April 25 — Another Crab’s Treasure - Crab soulslike (Steam)

April 25 — Sand Land - Vehicle ARPG based on Toriyama manga (Steam)

April 26 — Manor Lords - Highly wishlisted medieval city builder (Steam)

April 29 — Echoes of the Plum Grove - A Georgian-era life sim (Steam)

April ?? — Ascent of Ashes (Early Access) - Dystopic colony sim (Steam)



May 2 — Abiotic Factor - Survival crafting a la Half-Life (Steam)

May 2 — Foundry - Paradox-published take on Satisfactory (Steam)

May 8 — Indika - Psychological adventure as Russian nun (Steam)

May 9 — Animal Well - Surreal neon cave Metroidvania (Steam)

May 9 — Crow Country - 90s nostalgia survival horror (Steam)

May 10 — Gatekeeper - Top-down Risk-of-Rain-like (Steam)

May 13 — Homeworld 3 - Sci-fi space RTS classic revival (Steam)

May 15 — Baladins - Bardic co-op RPG (Steam)

May 16 — Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut - Sony’s samurai port (Steam)

May 16 — Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - Surreal Annapurna puzzle game (Steam)

May 16 — Robobeat - Robot bounty hunter rhythm shooter (Steam)

May 21 — Paper Trail - Puzzles in a foldable world (Steam)

May 21 — Synergy - Weird scifi city builder (Steam)

May 21 — Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 - Psychological action sequel (Steam)

May 23 — Crown Wars: The Black Prince - Medieval tactics (Steam)

May 23 — Duck Detective: The Secret Salami - Poultry PI adventure (Steam)

May 23 — Hauntii - Gorgeous twin-stick afterlife adventure (Steam)

May 23 — Songs of Silence - RTS with turn-based management (Steam)

May 23 — World of Goo 2 - Slimy physics puzzle sequel (Epic)

May 28 — Multiversus - WB’s platform fighter relaunch (Site)

May 29 — Capes - turn-based superhero tactics (Steam)

May 30 — SKALD: Against the Black Priory - Retro party-based RPG (Steam)

May ?? — Mutant Football League 2 - Arcade football with mutants (Steam)

May ?? — Sonar Shock - First person horror RPG old school style (Steam)



June 4 — Destiny 2: The Final Shape - The year’s D2 expansion (Site)

June 4 — Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Horror throwback (Steam)

June 4 — Life By You - Life and building sim (Steam)

June 4 - Songs of Silence

June 6 — Blockbuster Inc. - Movie studio sim (Steam)

June 6 — Chornobyl Liquidators - Cleanup/bureaucracy focused sim (Steam)

June 14 — Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance - Bring a fusing FAQ (Steam)

June 17 — Vampire Therapist - Darkly comedic narrative adventure (Steam)

June 18 — #BLUD - '90s cartoon vampire dungeon crawler (Steam)

June 19 — Crab God - Crustacean strategy (Steam)

June 18 — Still Wakes the Deep - Oil rig horror from Chinese Room (Steam)

June 20 — Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Tarnished DLC (Steam)



July 16 — Cataclismo - Hand-built tower defense (Steam)

July 18 — Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus - Okami aesthetic Metroidvania (Steam)

July 18 — Schim - Frogger-ish shadow platformer (Steam)

July 25 — Frostpunk 2 - Grim, snowy city management (Steam)

July ?? — Breachway - Space dogfight deckbuilder (Steam)



August 8 — SteamWorld Heist 2 - 2D pirate robot tactics (Steam)

August 15 — Farewell North - Do you want to cry about dogs? (Steam)

August 19 — Black Myth: Wukong - ARPG from controversial dev (Steam)

August 20 — Dustborn - Future dystopian American roadtrip (Steam)

August 21 — Enotria: The Last Song - Italian folklore Soulslike (Steam)

August 30 — Star Wars Outlaws - Open world scum and villainy (Epic)



September 5 — Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl - The Zone awaits (Steam)

September 5 — What the Car? - Silly golfing devs do driving (Steam)

September 9 — Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 - Astartes sequel (Steam)


New PC games 2024 with dates to be announced

33 Immortals - Co-op roguelike with up to 32 friends (Epic)

Alliance of the Sacred Suns - 4X Space Strategy (Steam)

Aloft - Crafting survival in the sky (Steam)

The Alters - What if Fallout Shelter had a story (Steam)

Ambulance Life: A Paramedic Simulator - life-saving sim (Steam)

Anger Foot - Kick-heavy FPS (Steam)

Ara: History Untold - Civ-like 4X strategy (Steam)

Ark 2 - More dinosaurs, plus Vin Diesel (Steam)

Avowed - Obsidian’s first-person fantasy RPG (Steam)

Awaken: Astral Blade - Bionic girl Metroidvania (Steam)

Baby Steps - Bennett Foddy’s next torture engine (Steam)

Beastieball - Pokemon but volleyball (Steam)

Beyond These Stars - City builder on a space whale (Steam)

Blue Protocol - Online anime action RPG (Steam)

Bounty Star - Mech combat meets farmsteading (Steam)

Brighter Shores - New MMO from Runescape creator (Steam)

Broken Arrow - Real-time modern warfare tactics game (Steam)

Bugaboo Pocket - Entomology life-sim (Steam)

The Casting of Frank Stone - Until Dawn devs do Dead by Daylight (Steam)

The Constructors - Construction company sim (Steam)

Corpus Edax - Immersive sim with punchy physics (Steam)

Crashlands 2 - Open world crafting RPG (Steam)

Creature Keeper - Real-time combat creature collector (Steam)

Creatures of Ava - A gentler creature collector (Steam)

Critter Cove (Early Access) - Castaway Animal Crossing (Steam)

Crypt Custodian - Top-down afterlife Metroidvania (Steam)

Dead Season - Zombie survival tactical XCOM-like (Steam)

Deathbound - Character-swapping soulslike (Steam)

Demonschool - High school demon-fighting tactics RPG (Steam)

Demonsomnia - Co-op horror banishing nuclear demons (Steam)

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age - Steampunk 2v2 2D fighter (Steam)

Dungeons of Hinterberg - Cel-shaded Alps action RPG (Steam)

Dystopika - Cyberpunk city-building sandbox (Steam)

Earthblade - Action-platformer from Celese devs (Steam)

Earth Defense Force 6 - EDF! EDF! EDF! (Steam)

Earth from Another Sun - Open world galactic scifi sandbox (Steam)

Elin - Roguelike RPG sequel to Elona (Steam)

Empire of the Ants - Photorealistic ant strategy (Steam)

Europa - Ghibli-inspired platforming adventure (Steam)

EvilVEvil - Vampire co-op shooter (Steam)

Fields of Mistria - Magical girl life sim (Steam)

The First Descendant - Nexon looter shooter (Steam)

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn - Soulslike for musket fans (Steam)

Follow the meaning - Hand-drawn point & click mystery (Steam)

Galacticare - “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor” simulator (Steam)

GI Joe: Wrath of Cobra - Throwback beatemup (Steam)

Go-Go Town - 3D Stardew with town management (Steam)

Gray Zone Warfare - an Arma-like FPS (Steam)

Greedfall 2: The Dying World - Fantasy flintlock RPG (Steam)

Gundam Breaker 4 - Build-your-own gunpla brawler (Steam)

Hyper Light Breaker (Early Access) - Hyper Light Drifter co-op sequel (Steam)

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - First-person Nazi whipping (Steam)

Intergalactic Pawn Shop - Adventure sci-fi pawn shop sim (Steam)

Iron Meat - Gnarly Contra-like side-scroller (Steam)

Kingmakers - Change medieval history with machine guns (Steam)

Level Zero: Extraction - Extraction horror shooter with monsters (Steam)

Light Odyssey - Top-down boss rush Souls-like (Steam)

Little Nightmares 3 - Frightening platforming (Steam)

Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP - Remake of the zombie hack-n-slash

Lost Isle - Procgen fantasy survival (Steam)

Lost Records: Bloom and Rage - Life is Strange meets Yellowjackets (Steam)

The Lost Wild - Dinosaur survival horror (Steam)

Magical Delicacy - Cozy, culinary, magical Metroidvania (Stream)

MechWarrior 5: Clans - Bad guys of Battletech (Steam)

Megaloot - Inventory management roguelike RPG (Steam)

Men of War 2 - WWII RTS with co-op (Steam)

Metaphor: ReFantazio - Fantasy RPG from Atlus (Steam)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Next iteration of Flight Sim (Site)

Mika and The Witch’s Mountain - Zelda meets Kiki’s Delivery Service (Steam)

Mirthwood - Sandbox fantasy life sim RPG (Steam)

Nivalis - Cyberpunk slice-of-life (Steam)

The Operator - Forensic analyst sim with bonus conspiracy (Steam)

The Plucky Squire - Colorful storybook escape adventure (Steam)

Pragmata - Outerspace action adventure (Site)

Pyrene - Deckbuilding dungeon crawler (Steam)

Reka - Witchy woods crafting (Steam)

Remnant Protocol - Sci-fi flight sim plus rebellion management (Steam)

Replaced - Sci-fi action platformer (Steam)

Republic of Pirates - City builder for freebooters (Steam)

The Rise of the Golden Idol - Detective adventure set in the '70s (Steam)

Simon the Sorcerer Origins - Point & click prequel (Steam)

Skate Story - Surreal skateboarding (Steam)

Space Prison (Early Access) - Alien prison tactics RPG (Steam)

Star Trucker - Trucking, but in the stars (Steam)

Stormgate - New RTS from ex-Blizzard devs (Steam)

Streets of Rogue 2 - Immersive roguelike sandbox (Steam)

Sulfur - Cel-shaded goblin-blasting FPS roguelike (Steam)

Surviving Deponia - More Deponia, now a colony sim (Steam)

Sword of Convallaria - Final Fantasy Tactics-like (Steam)

Tales of the Shire - A wholesome Hobbit life sim (Site)

Tempest Rising - Archetypal base-building RTS (Steam)

Thank Goodness You’re Here! - Delightful English “slapformer” (Steam)

Thrasher - Rhythm game follow-up to Thumper (Steam)

Tiny Glade - Medieval building toy (Steam)

Trash Goblin - Casual trinket upcycling (Steam)

Umbratica Tactics - Vampire-hunting tactics (Steam)

Unrailed 2: Back on Track (Early Access) - Chaotic railroad co-op (Steam)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - Revamped RPG (Steam)

Visions of Mana - A new RPG in the Mana series (Steam)

Voidwrought - Hollow Knight with more cosmic horror (Steam)

Voyagers of Nera (Early Access) - Ocean-going survival (Steam)

Warside - Tactical Advance Wars-styled wargame (Steam)

We Might Die - Mech-based roguelike shooter (Steam)

Wild Bastards - Space western roguelike FPS (Steam)

Windblown (Early Access) - New roguelike from Dead Cells devs (Steam)

Worshippers of Cthulhu (Early Access) - Cultist settlement sim (Steam)

Zenless Zone Zero - Genshin dev dungeon crawler (Site)

Nice, thanks for this!

Nice list…thanks for putting it up! Sad that I didn’t see that many that piqued my interest…Ara and Mechwarrior Clans is about it. Songs of Conquest has been out for a while, though, since I play it occasionally…maybe it’s still EA. Anyway, thanks again!

What I’m interested in:
Granblue Fantasy Relink - Turn-based fantasy RPG
Persona 3 Reload - a P3 remake
Homeworld 3 - Sci-fi space RTS classic revival
Life By You - Life and building sim (Sims-like game from Paradox)
Ara: History Untold - Civ-like 4X strategy (a Sid Meier’s Civilization Killer)

The rest of those I either don’t know anything about or are not interested currently. However, I may change my mind if I learn more about a game.

I was interested in Blue Protocol but Amazon has censored it to shit and whole body types have been removed. I want nothing to do with it now.


More upcoming games

While these aren’t committed to 2024, they’re headed our way and could easily settle into a 2024 release date in the future.

Arknights: Endfield - Action RPG spinoff of the mobile gacha game (Site)

As We Descend - Roguelike deckbuilder with a strategy bent (Steam)

Battle Crush - Top down mythological brawler (Steam)

Big Boy Boxing - PunchOut with progression (Steam)

Blade - Third-person Marvel action game from Arkane (Site)

Blue Prince - Surreal architectural puzzle adventure (Steam)

Cart Life - Street vendor life sim (Steam)

Chrono Odyssey - Fantasy MMO (Site)

Crimson Desert - Singleplayer RPG from Black Desert devs (Site)

DeathSprint 66 - Fall Guys, but cyberpunk-dystopian (Steam)

Den of Wolves - Co-op fururistic heist game from Payday devs (Steam)

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero - Dragon Ball-series fighting game (Steam)

Echo Generation - 80s voxel adventure with turn-based combat (Steam)

Edge of Sanity - 2D lovecraftian survival horror (Steam)

Eternal Strands - 3rd person spell-em-up (Steam)

Everywhere - A vague metaverse dream from GTA producers (Site)

Exoborne - Extraction shooter with a sci-fi apocalypse vibe (Steam)

Exodus - Time-traveling sci-fi action RPG with Mass Effect vibes (Site)

The First Berserker: Khazan - ARPG based on Dungeon & Fighter (Steam)

Flock - Co-op sky-shepherding and bird-shearing (Steam)

Harmonium: The Musical World - Musical adventure with deaf protag (Site)

Hordes of Hunger - 3D “survivorslike” (Steam)

I Am Jesus Christ - First Person Savior (Steam)

Industria 2 - Narrative FPS in AI infested otherworld (Steam)

Jump Ship - Co-op sci-fi FPS with seamless ship-to-ground transition (Steam)

Jurassic Park: Survival - Action-adventure set right after original film (Site)

Kemuri - Urban fantasy parkour from Ikumi Nakamura’s new studio (Site)

Knights in Tight Spaces - Tight fights go fantasy (Steam)

Last Sentinel - Dystopian action game by Lightspeed Studios (Site)

Light No Fire - Survival exploration on Earth-sized map (Steam)

Mecha Break - Multiplayer mech combat (Steam)

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater - What a thrill (Steam)

Metal Slug Tactics - classic run-n-gun goes tactics RPG (Steam)

NAIAD - Vibrant underwater exploration as a sea nymph (Steam)

Nighthawks - A vampire RPG from adventure game veterans (Steam)

Nine Sols - Hand-drawn 2D Sekiro (Steam)

No Players Online - Vintage desktop simulator horror (Steam)

OD - Hideo Kojima’s latest, collaboration with Jordan Peele (Site)

Off the Grid - Blomkamp Battle Royale (Site)

Outward 2 - FAFO RPG sequel (Steam)

QubiQuest: Castle Craft - Voxel-based castle building and defense (Steam)

R-Type Tactics I - II Cosmos - Tactics spinoff of side-scroll shooter (Steam)

Realm of Ink - Ukiyo-e-ish action roguelike (Steam)

Ruffy and the Riverside - Colorful character platformer (Steam)

She Dreams Elsewhere - Retro-surreal adventure RPG (Steam)

Stellar Blade - Flashy scifi hack-and-slash (Site)

Sunset Devils - Western top-down shooter (Steam)

Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter - Rat soulslike sequel (Steam)

Tenebris Somnia - 8-bit horror with FMV cutscenes (Steam)

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - Open world driving in Hong Kong (Steam)

Towers of Aghasba - Open world ecosystem sandbox (Steam)

Witchbrook - Wizarding school life sim (Steam)

Wrestle Story - turn-based pro wrestling RPG (Steam)

Zoochosis - Mutant zoo animal body horror (Steam)


Delayed to 2025

Falling Frontier - Logistics-heavy space grand strategy (Steam)

I got excited for Chrono Odyssey for a minute but then found it has nothing to do with the Chrono Trigger series :frowning: …lol

I’m disappointed that Homeworld 3 will be using Denuvo. I was really excited for that game.

For me, the cupboard is pretty bare this year. Might be some hidden gems I am missing… I am curious about Pax Dei, but after the disappointment of Nightingale I wont get too excited. Capes might be fun too. Mainly trying old games I never got to and experimenting with some early release games. Manor Lords looks interesting.

Yeah, I have to say the list left me less enthused than I thought. Lately I get on Steam for my daily cruise through the suggested new games and most of the time I find I’m clicking ‘ignore.’ It’s nice they don’t pay any attention to the games I said I don’t want to see…platform, bullet hell, dancing with the stars, overhead shooters…that kind of stuff. I must be getting old(er). I do think there were some coming out this year I was really interested in but, now I can’t remember. Regardless, hope you’re having a good time!