2018 mmorpg best of

Some great winners in here and an interesting read whether you agree with their selectionsor not. I think I might have just gotten some ideas for games I’ve never tried before.

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Agree with Division 2, can’t wait. Glad F76 only made runner up in disappointment. So tired of hearing about it already.

I love the original Torchlight games and the beta of Frontiers was fun but if that is the most anticipated MMO of the year it is kind of sad.

Surprised at their choices for best overall. Guess I have to take another look at them…

Fortnite, Monster Hunter World (runner up) and Elder Scrolls Online are all I have that made this list. Fortnite didn’t do it for me, too much world building, social gaming elements for a tower defense game (which is one of my favorite genres). Looking forward to exploring ESO (recently acquired on holiday sale) and am enjoying MH but I guess I’m not that mainstream when it comes to popular or ‘best’ games. I’m okay with that :smiley:

Even though I am on a break from ESO, it will always be my “home” game. I am so glad they made the list!