20 hours left : Steam sale $5 Synthetik Legion Rising : rogue-like shooter wasd + mouse to aim

Bought this on my weekend (last wed + thursday) for $5.00. It’s been on my radar this past year after watching “sseth” SYNTHETIK REVIEW | ▼LTRA▼IOLENCE EDITION™ - YouTube video.

There’s only 20 hours left for the sale fyi. In short it’s a 2D rogue shooter where you defeat this robot army gaining exp for your subclass (4 classes each with 2 subclasses). You find or buy (vending machines) upgrades along the way. The audio is great … the sound of empty casings hitting concrete, the racking of a slide, the thump of a rubber shotgun slug … on and on. Couple with the electronic synth bass music reminds me of Duke Nukem or 1990’s Doom.

You control movement via WASD and arim using the mouse.

Upon death you loose everything but : Exp for your subclass. ie: I’m lvl 27 in the Engineer subclass while level 1 in the other 7 sub classes. Levels gain you access to subclass modules. Movement speed, armour, convert weapon heat into a damage shield. Besides EXP you are awarded Data cubes/shards depending on your total performance. Map levels accessed, head shots, accuracy …

There’s daily rewards in the form of Data and Exp tokens.

Data is spent on research ie: 150 data to unlock Weapon Variants

You can play alone or join a MP session via their servers (US UK EUR ASIA)

You best served by watching a couple videos I think as I can just keep going on.

Cheers - Tom steam : OTGtpsabre