12 years w/OTG

Hey All,

Just wanted to say I realized I have been part of OTG for just about 12 years now. I started playing with OTG back when DDO came out. Then also played Age of Conan, Guild Wars 2, and many other MMOs. Its been a really fun ride!

While i haven’t been around or that active the past 2-3 years, i am glad to call you all home.

The past 3 years I’ve had two kids, Started streaming on twitch (semi decent sized now) and started what i will consider my job i will die at.

After all this im ready to start a new MMO. Im going to be playing Bless Online and cant wait to play with you all again!

Best Regards,


Glad you are back and active!

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Welcome back, old timer! :smiley:

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Welcome back. Feel free to pop in Mumble and say hi to the WoW peeps.

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welcome home!

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DDO, Age of Conan…those were the days…we had over 400 members in DDO, we had to make 4 ingame guilds because the limit was 100. Welcome home Pepcfreak…You joined when I did…it is good to have you back.

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I remember playing DDO and seeing all the Old Timers Guild tags and said WTF!?! So i had to join… the lemming that I am…lol

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DDO heydey. I remember it well. I joined OTG during the beta period just before the DDO launch. OTG has come a long way.

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We had to do that in SWTOR and Black Desert as well…lol

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Hmm… I’ve only been an OTG member for 10 years.

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Been 12 years for me too. Brenna and I joined in Vanguard beta.

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I joined in 2006 as well. 12 years an old fart. Where do I get my badge and cookie?

It was the DDO beta when I ran with OTG members for the first time. I didn’t stay with DDO but when I was in the Vanguard beta, there they were again! So I joined :slight_smile:

No Shadow Nuggets allowed… :slight_smile:

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That’s a long time with a gaming Community! Congratulations and to another 12 yrs!

Welcome back, 11 years for me. Did the DDO thing and the Vanguard thing (oh the chapter drama…). Good times :slight_smile:

Hiya Karnak!! Come see me @ vgoemulator.net , we are recreating VG.

I think I have an account over there. Did they populate the database yet? Last time I was on there you could travel around and look.

We have a lot of the quests running in most of the old starter towns plus IoD. It is very playable, but many of the player abilities are not totally scripted yet.

Welcome back! We all have real life breaks at times, but as you said, OTG always feels like home. :slight_smile: