10 years of free to play - freebies and special offers


So it seems to be a mix of usefulness, or uselessness, depending on where you are:

  1. Sep 13 - 18 you can create L10 characters
  2. A coupon coming soon for the path of inspiration pack https://ddowiki.com/page/The_Path_of_Inspiration . Which these days is basically the pack you go into when you are trying to cap at 20 or finish off your 400 Coin Lords favor
  3. A chance to buy a +8 Supreme tome, and some other very useful goodies, in the DDO store for ~70% of what they normally sell a +8 supreme tome for

They messed up the dates originally. Its 20th to 25th for the veteran 3 week. They added that the +8 tome bundle will be in the story permanently but only one purchase per account

Celebrate 10 Years of Free to Play with a free adventure pack! Use coupon code PATHTO10 to get The Path of Inspiration (1/Account) now through October 3rd!