10.1 is next Tuesday 5/2 - Don't Forget to do this before then

Patch 10.1 drops next Tuesday, 5/2 - You need to do this before then

  1. Complete 10.0.7 Campaign Quests at least once.

In order to start 10.1 Story Quests and gain entry to the new zone, you must have finished the 10.0.7 story quests on at least 1 character.

  1. Finish Leveling that alt to 70 and acquire the 385 catch up gear in the Forbidden Reach.

Come 10.1 that zone will be very empty and farming rares will be time consuming

  1. Aquire your Onyx Annulet Ring & upgrade those stones to 424.

Again, it will be harder to acquire keys once the patch hits. Do it now while it is easier.

  1. Don’t forget to spend those Season 1 tokens this week on sockets and use them before they go grey.

Better to have an item socketed and replace it in a few days/weeks then lose the chance at all.

  1. Valor goes away as a currency.

Finish upgrading anything possible before it is too late.


Thanks for this update Trevain. I hope folks will be able to accomplish this as it would make it easier for them going forward.

I am hopeful later on we might be able to do some guild groups for those who have not been able to get that far. I know I’ll be one who will need that help if I am unable to finish before this Thursday (my surgery is Friday am) and I’ll be unable to do much for several weeks.

Thanks again for this info.