1/6 scale doll clothes - Looking for tips / advice

Hey all.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to convert a 1/6 scale doll to replicate my old City of Heroes character from the way-back machine. (Still miss this game, but let’s not get into any discussion of the Rogue servers that are out there please, that’s not what this thread is for.)

I finally decided to get started on this project after spending some $$ to pick up a Phicen 1/6 scale figure and a sculpted head … but beyond that, I have no idea what I’m doing or how to go about this. I haven’t sewn anything since home-ec in Jr. High beyond stitching holes shut. I do have cloth, snaps and rivets for buttons, etc. But I’m not quite sure how to go about coming up with the patterns for the uniform. If anyone makes a hobby of this who can offer some tips or good resource guides, it would be appreciated.

Hat and boots are taken care of, sourced off other items I’ve collected over the years. Pants, I believe I can take care off by taking apart a pair from an old Indiana Jones figure and making a pattern from those. But jacket, cape, mask and gloves, I’m not sure of. In fact, I suspect the gloves may be impossible?

I ‘think’ I’ve found a bomber jacket pattern I can gimmick and add a front flap too. Maybe. Not entirely sure about that yet.

For the cape, I do have a doll pattern I found that has a cloak pattern. Too big, but I might be able to adjust it down to size. But from the image I’m attaching below, it’s a dual color pattern cloak and I’m not sure if it’s best to try to use cloth of the two colors and stitch them together, or just use an iron on transfer of the pattern onto each side of some white cloth.

Face mask … NO idea where to start on how to do this or what type of cloth would be appropriate.

Gloves … are those even possible? The figure I purchased has detachable hands, one pair of which does have open palms so it may be possible to fit something over them, but again, never done anything like this so I don’t quite know what I’m getting myself into.

Below is an image of a portrait I commissioned for the character about 13 years or so ago that may help if anyone has some tips / ideas of how to go about this or how to come up with patterns.

Why is that image so familiar to me? Was it your sig on the old forums?

Oh, and good luck with your project.:slight_smile:

Hey Decebal, it’s been a while. Yes, I used a good portion of this as my avatar on the old forums, where we could use a larger image.

Sure has… hope you’re doing well!

I don’t have much to offer in personal experience with sewing as the closest I come to that is helping my sister move fabric, but have you tried searching YouTube for Doll Clothes DIY?

Hi Daveon. I started doing a search on ‘1/6 scale doll clothes patterns’ and came up with a crazy amount of results. Resources are plenty there as well. Seems like there is an entire 1/6 scale community out there.

Addendum: Talk to your local sewing shop and/or hobby shop about this, too. They may point you in a fruitful direction.

This sounds like a fun project!!

If you want to do it yourself Daveon, you can try here. They carry both male and female doll clothing in all sizes up to 1:2 scale. That and I can suggest Hobby Lobby; they have doll crafting classes and depending on the area, posts for crafting clubs.

Thx for the feedback all. Sorry, I was out of town for several days without computer access.

I did look up several youtube videos on the topic before I posted the query, but they didn’t really seem to address the questions I have. But I guess I can learn through trial and error. :smiley:

JoelleP, I’ll take a look at the site you posted as well. That’s one I’ve not seen in my prior searches.