Which fresh server?

Cant find the info, apologies.

Chapter Info has a link: About the New World Chapter Information category

As of right now, the Fresh Start Server will be Devourer. It opens at 2 PM EDT. It is in the East Coast set of servers. But the official announcement will come on November 1.
From Discord:

  1. Adoman (NW CL/LA CO) Yesterday at 10:01 PM

No. This is just fresh start.

  1. [10:02 PM]

We’ll have an official announcement on November 1 and we’ll repost on the 2nd to make sure nobody misses it.


Thank you!

After a discussion last night, the Fresh Start Server will be Amarah. Opens at 3 PM EDT on November 2nd.


Closing this thread its out of date but may be confusing.
Current and future information about fresh start should be located in our chapter information and or in discord in lobby pins. Please visit them for the most current info.

The info in this thread is out of date.