Vulture's up for Concierge

Most assuredly, I bought one.

Try the link:

Picked one up, I will most likely be picking another one up later.

The part that put me off was that in a video I watch stated you have to EVA to gather the scrap/parts.

Yeah… take my squishy avatar out of the ship and drag a mounted weapon back.

OTG Fleet Spreadsheet link
OTG Fleet Spreadsheet

Do we just edit the sheet, Toruk? That seems messy and chaotic.

Well, the concept is for you to only touch your ship row, unless there is a new ship not in the list then to add it in alphabetical order like it is now. Or, if you are a new peron, insert a column alphabetically where your name should be. So far, it has worked just fine as most all of us, I am sure, can do simple edits to a spreadsheet. I also just edited it to sort the top row by column making it easier to find your name column!

Oooooh. OK, now I see it. Got it. Early, no tea yet, sorry.

You’re missing the Anvil F8C Lightning, I have one. I updated my column, quite a few were missing. Depressing seeing it all lined up like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I just added a bunch of missing ships and prices from the WIKI.

OMG! We have collectively spent over $140,000 !!!

Warbond and sale prices withstanding.

Thanks mac, I never got the email. Maybe they’ve blacklisted me :wink:

Why on Earth would they black list you? What have you done?! :stuck_out_tongue:

All of my updates are gone. After I update, do I need to save or something?

No, it self save. I am sorry, I waited 17 minutes after you posted and figured you would be out by then. I must have overwritten you. My apologies.

It has always been in our forum. Also, Simdor notified us when he created this new forum. See the link in:
What’s In Your Fleet?

OK, updated again.

Bought one, might even keep it. Hard to say since I have the Reclaimer. But I am moving toward smaller more manageable fleet with ships that don’t require as much crew so you never know.

On that note, if anyone is interested in some cheap ships, I may be selling off quite a few of mine soon. At cost of course. Keep an eye out I will post something when I am ready. Just have to decide what I am keeping and what I am selling.

I might be interested, Sim. Not sure about the Vulture - I have the reclaimer and I think now it’s more sensible to focus on the bigger ships, as they’ll take longer to get in game.

Since there have been a lot of posts here about the spreadsheet, check out the second sheet now if you want to get a ballpark on how much YOU have invested in this game! OUCH! Don’t look if you don’t want to cry about it (Macallen)!