@Tess-OTG - PC/NA Invite Please

First off, I hope I’m doing this right. Second, can I get an invite to ESO, please?

My ESO user ID is @Rohnerati


No idea what I’m doing but please invite me to ESO also. My user name is Willxmnm

Thanks, Terry

I too would like an invite to the eso OTG guild. Eso user name @okeus thanks a million @Tess_Phyreforge

look forward to seeing ya soon

If you have not done so plz go here and fill out an OTG Guild Application

Once your Guild Application is approved and you are listed a Guild member by your name
then you will need to PM me with your USER ID @name, plz read our post on how to join the ESO chapter

Its been a while can i please get an invite back. @Va5e1er thanks

@Keener and @Willxmnm
Please read our section Join OTG and fill out an Application and follow your application post until you are approved

I can’t invite you to the ESO chapter until you are members of OTG
just joining the forums does not make you a full member you must fill out the Application and follow it through. it only takes a few days for our membership officers to complete the application.

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