Music - The Song Game

Another song about Roy Rogers…

NRBQ - Call Him Off, Rogers

“And Dale’s a lot of woman. I can say it to your face.”

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Jolly Roger

Earworm Alert…
Let’s switch gears just a bit…
Benny and the Jets - Elton John


For any who don’t know, Benny and the Jets was on this album, too.

love this one

Metallica - Sad But True

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Cyndi Lauper - True Colors

Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True

Some early morning funk (it’s almost 6am here).

Dream Weaver: Bar song of the 70’s…

Haha. Sweet. I love that album.

Gary Wright - Can’t Find the Judge

Funky Judge

Tone loc - funky cold medina

You made it too easy!!

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10cc - Art for Art’s Sake

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting - All For Love

Batdorf & Rodney - Can You See Him?

Ahh… the 70’s… Hippies playing psychedelic folk music about God. I still love this song.

Kruder & Dorfmeister - High Noon

Extra points for matching “dorf”. :smiley:

If you watch this, notice the nod to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bookends” album cover. :slight_smile:

The High Road by Broken Bells

Bruce Cockburn - Broken Wheel