Looking to join the SC org

Looking to join SC applied on SC site

I was slacking over the Thanksgiving holiday and since my gaming PC went KAPUT.
Will log in to the site and approve applications today.

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Oh No! Not the gaming PC!

Hey Team,

Just joined OTG and submitted my application for the Org on the RSI website! What’s next? And what are we up to in the Verse these days?

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Welcome to the Verse!

I typically check the RSI site about once a week to take care of applications but since you poked me here I can do that today.

Generally the Org is in a bit of hibernation mode since combat is not practical in the current build.
A few of us are ETF testers and we are working on getting 3.4 ready for public release. The rest that are active are mostly into cargo hauling for cash right now.

In the not too distant future I am planning another contest, with prizes!
Also looking to start up a small team of players who want to work on operations like mining and salvage. Of course salvage is not in yet but I am thikning it is never too early to start working as a team. We could have one ship for the operation (mining or salvage or repairs) and a couple of escort ships . We could even do it as cargo runs. The idea is to get a few pilots working as a team, practicing how to fly together and deal with threats together.
More details on that soon™

anyway, welcome to the verse Citizen. There is much coming soon, and many of us poised to participate when combat gets squared away (likely 3.5 ish)

Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate you responding so quickly!

I’ve been doing lot of cargo hauling myself as well as some escort work. I would love to start working with a crew and build some experience working together! Let me know if I can do anything to help organize or let me know where to shut up and show up. :slight_smile:

Welcome ShakenSeraph.

I’ve been missing for a bit because i finally got my new computer working. Taking some time reinstalling everything.

Hey guys. I sent in a request to join the SC organization on the RSI web site. Not sure why its taken me so long.


Hey folks this is Nhoj. Just getting in good to Star Citizen and IO would like to join the Org. My in-game is Nhojj. Of course :slight_smile:

EDIT: nvm senior moment, got you.

What is your RSI handle? I do not see an application for rjtalbot in the list.

Accpeted Nhoj, welcome to the verse

Accepted on the RSI site, welcome to the verse!

My Thanks! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the verse!

@Twistedvoid, thanks for the welcome! I’m having trouble installing the 3.3.7 patch. Keeps pushing a permissions error. I’ll see if I can fix it this weekend and maybe we could get a crew together. What’s the best way to try to organize an outing with OTG? Post an topic? Hit people up on Discord?

Posting here far in advance works best I think. Not many are active on Discord, though the channel is used for information.
Really we have been in hibernation mode for a long time since the Alpha was barely playable, then it was playable but with little to do, and now it is exploding with things to do. With even more coming in 3.4 in about a week or so.
But to your question…

Make a post, feel free to use DIscord for the get together, understand that we are just gearing up for in game events again after a looooong break.
See you in the verse!