Lineage II Classic Servers

I will ask the Gods if we can create a clan.

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Making clan in a few… will post name here.

OldTimersGuild on Talking Island server

I finally got on Talking Island last night around midnight.

Miri will be a Bishop/Cardinal. Haven’t decided on any others yet.

We requested L2 Classic Channels for discord in GG so be on the look out for them. We have some general game group channels that we can use in the mean time.

I made it to level 8 but I am going to need a leveling buddy if anyone else is in the human start area.

Hey guys, sadly we had to move to the new third server Aden. We can’t get through the queues for Talking Head, We keep crashing before the queue ends. We tried for about an hour before giving up and rerolling on the new less populated server with no queues.

Happening to me right now. 6 queues in a row and not able to get back to the game. It is amusing how everyone need to move thru a queue of 800 people when half the server is afk doing nothing and 45% of the rest are multiboxing 3 accounts at the same time.