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Please tell me they’ve yet to update and this Kickstarter has moved up from what it states…

Alpha-1 spot testing.[29][30] After August 15 2021.[29][28]
Alpha-2 spot testing.[31] To be announced.[31]
Alpha-2 (No NDA).[32][33] To be announced.[28]

My gut turns each time I invest in Kickstarters… There’s good value in named game makers pushing developers. It’s a management “Thing”. Whipping will continue until morale improves! Haha!

Though really - Is this game STILL in Alpha 1??? Please tell me they’ve not updated their noted dates of release.

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Well it could be worse, it could still be in pre-alpha stage like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


So it really is still Alpha 1?

Thank God Pantheon was never on my radar of interest! Haha!

They’re very close to releasing alpha 2. Steven said we should get spot tests for alpha 2 before the end of the year a few weeks ago and this year is almost up. I’d expect Spot tests come December for those who get invites. Steven didn’t say who would get invites though. Most likely those who had alpha 2 access or those most active on discord.

Once we get spot tests assuming there’s no game breaking issues alpha 2 should launch soon after. The date that seems to be floating around out there is March but that’s just speculation

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Recently bought Pre-order pack: Expeditionary for $150. I’m looking forward to the game, playing with OTG members and I am happy to support it!



I upgraded quite a while ago to Leader of Men.

I just upgraded my Kickstarter pledge rank to ‘Voyager’ to get access to the upcoming Alpha2.


The quote above was from November 2022. Heard any news since for Alpha 2?

I want to say I saw a December 30th date for the alpha 2, but perhaps I was mistaken.

I’m thinking I’m gonna have to take some tax refund money and get me a pledge at the start of 2024.

We still don’t have a date yet. Rumor is we’re going to get at least an announcement of what quarter alpha 2 is going to be in during this months live stream. It’s not an actual date but it’s a 3 month window at least. Hopefully along with this announcement we’ll get confirmation on if/when spot tests will happen. I’d assume they’ll want to at least want to stress test the servers a month or two before alpha 2 so they can fix any game breaking issues before dropping the NDA but that’s just an assumption. This months stream is supposed to be on the 30th so one more week from today and we’ll hopefully have a better idea of when we might get in.

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