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Im a Founder

I have an Intrepid upgrade from Expeditionary as well.

(Hashberry, though ownership was xferred, I see no way to edit the original post?)

Try now.

That did the trick! Thanks Hashberry!

the $150 Expeditionary Pack - Beta 1 & 2, I’ll let you others fix the game in Alpha!

Settler here.

I bought the Pioneer pack.

~~ Braver of Worlds ~~ :smiley:

I got the Settler when the first kickstarter went out

Braver of Worlds

hello the only packages i see are $75 Wayfarer, 150$ Expeditionary, Voyager 250, and 375 Voyager Plus.
I do not see the others that you mention.
For your information i will get the $150 Expeditionary package.
I look forward to be part of the OTG in the game.

braver of Worlds here

Helloooooo, peeps!

I have an Expeditionary pre-order pack. :smiley:

<-- Braver of Worlds

Upgraded from Braver of Worlds to Leader of Men

JLB6BXQ1N7IQ73R4 <-----referral code


Wow we’ll have over 40 members in Alpha 1. We’ll probably be one of the biggest guilds in the alpha without even having to recruit.

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Boo Hoo

No :grimacing:one has used my referral code.

Huh. I guess my name got copied from the old forums already :smiley: Haha.

i think the others that were mentioned were part of the Kickstarter.