Interest in bringing back the Referral Code Generator?

Hey all!

Back from inactivity…

I still have the OTG Referral Code Generator spreadsheet we had pinned to the top of the old forums.

If there’s interest, I can write a “How to get Star Citizen” post including the referral code generator?

Something to help OTGers get into the game and give us all referral code credit.

I think that is a GREAT idea!
Create a new post and make sure Hashberry knows to tag it as announcement and pinned.

How to get in to Star Citizen with 5000 UEC and help out a guildie!
I love it.

You don’t need me to tag stuff, everyone can do that (and should!). I’ll be happy to pin it since Simdor has said to make it so!

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I’m losing my eyesight as I get older. Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction to find this?

Hey Bedlam, I got distracted by some IRL stuff, but hopefully can have the post up tomorrow if that’ s OK?

Yeah no problem; it’s like 11 months and some change before the next big sale. :):grinning:

I’m still getting used to the new forums so I figured I just missed it…like I’ve missed most of the other important posts. Sucks getting old.

Did we make this post? I didnt see it.

@Hashberry @Bedlam The post is up!

I will be adding more to it later. Let me know if you’ve any feedback.

I liked it and think it’s good for the guild that we give each other love before the massive reddit randomizer. I say go for it.

I commented on it, but will add here that I think it is excellent work.
Thank you for your time putting this guide and the randomizer together.