Fallout 76 PC Beta starts Oct30th

I ended up getting hit with the launcher issue that deleted the pre-load. Re-download is slowing down the further it gets. And I’m reading on the Bethesda.net forums that some of the people hitting this are getting stuck in a re-download loop where it wipes again as soon as the download finishes and starts downloading from 0 again immediately. Don’t know if that will happen here, but I’m suspecting I probably won’t be getting in tonight.

Well, I finally got to towards the end of the download (3.5mb/min???) but then just got an error condition (said check virus or backup software) so I noticed Carbonite was running, stopped it, but no go. Rebooted and now it’s “updating” some more… fingers crossed


Yeah, it looks like I will have to wait for the weekend sessions. I was stoked for today. I went to work an hour early to make sure I was home in time. I hope they make the Saturday session longer. I am kind of hoping they are using the Sunday seven hour sessions to check server stability to have the servers up more every day.

Well, they did say to expect spectacular failures. Looks like we got one.

Yep me too in the ranks of the mirisable
I am one of the misarible that has been forced to both redownload and unlock starting at about 6pm eastern the redownload is just under half done after 2 and a half hours the unlocking is worse 21 gig done of 48gig at 114 mb a sec it says 6 hours and a half to go… it has been constantly getting worse it started out a 400MB/sec and 3 1/2 hours for t(e unlocking.
It’s a real mess for a lot of us in the pc beta tonight…
Now it’s 100mb/sec and 7 hours 30 to go…
. Looks like the computer gets left on tonight

I wonder it this is a plot to get us old computer using fossils to switch to consoles

No, remember, Vault-Tec likes to play twisted games with their residents. 8O

Imagine this happening when you are on metered internet and you have my happy face.

Well that 's a bit of a clusterf*ck. I didn’t even touch the beta until around 8pm last night and the moment I opened the launcher I had to re-download the whole thing. Really sucks since I have bad internet…only 14 hours to redo the whole download it all yay…:frowning_face:

Mine finished overnight. I hope to get to play tomorrow.

Mine finished with about an hour and a half to go. Then the installer took about 20 minutes. But I did get to play around a bit in the end.

Much more colorful than Fallout 3 or 4, but very blurry in the distance.

Does not yet support 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio resolutions. Bethesda’s community manager did post that will be added AFTER launch. For now, must edit fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini to add your resolutions if you’re on an ultrawide monitor and it won’t be perfect with that, but better than nothing.

There is no push to talk control in the game. If you’re using a mic, be prepared … you’re always on to any other players in the vicinity. Don’t shout at your dog/cat/wife/husband/kid, etc. :stuck_out_tongue: … Not sure how that will affect OTG discord vs in-game, but it’s something to consider.

I assume voice chat can be disabled?

so sad

I used my mute button on my headset. But only had 1 person say anything in range of me. So never talked to anyone

I disabled it as soon as I came out of the vault; it was relatively easy to find in settings (esc/z)
I was still in character-create and I could hear every guy who made a character, chewing food, talking to people in their house, it was not pleasant. Open mic is really a poor idea. I dont care if I look like a snob ignoring people, open mic area chat and I are never going to be friends.

I set mine to team. However my settings reset after every logout? Anyone else have this issue - graphical, audio, everything resets.

I kept my voice chat enabled as long as I could possibly stand it, just muted my mic in the Razer Synapse utility (since there is no physical mute on my headset). But by late in the day yesterday I just couldn’t take it anymore. Always hearing the sound of typing when other players were nearby was bad enough, but heavy breathing and one sided conversations around common gathering points like the church just got to be too much.

As soon as I finished the responders quest line, I set off to find a place to set my camp down. I did not see or hear anybody most of my play session.

I tried solo’ing Fallout 76 and it got a little boring. I joined 2 other guild mates and the game became seriously fun. We spent well over an hour harassing a group of super mutants at a natural choke point (a bridge). Then we went down a stream and shot giant crabs in the face.

I really enjoyed this game once I started playing it with others. Unfortunately, to play with others properly, I have to get ready ahead of time. (stock up on water, food, meds and ammo).