X Series is back with X4: Foundations

It’s your typical X series game. It’s a small team so there’s bugs but they do daily patches, and the VO is as bad as ever, but if you ever wanted to play Elite Dangerous on a grand scale and do more than just mine or Dogfight, this is it. You can pilot a fighter and dock on the deck of a frigate then get out and pilot the frigate and then land the frigate on the deck of a carrier, get out and pilot the carrier (there’s even an achievement for that) all the while at the head of your 20 ship fleet and each one can be piloted by you or captained and crewed by NPCs.

You can build space stations and trade goods you make with resources you mine and process yourself or just be a middleman and run a trading station. You can take over sectors and claim them for yourself, and destroy other factions space stations and build your own in their wreckage strewn sector.

It’s part 4X and part space sim. It’s one of the deepest space sims out there. Just be ready for bad voice acting and last year’s textures. It’s the uglier sister to SC and ED, but she’s way more fun on a date.

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I think I’m going to have to disagree on the textures, but mostly because it’s the way the game handles. You can actually see stations from 100km off and they’re pretty much fully rendered no matter what their shape or form.

And I’ve played all 3 games, and I don’t see a real difference in textures between the games, to be honest. I’ve not done a side to side comparison, though, so it might just be faulty memory :slight_smile:

They’ve solved quite a number of bugs over the last almost a week now. Some bug abuse, some bugs that would mess you up, some… Really odd ones… lol

I’m enjoying it so far, it’s nice and relaxing, no matter how odd that might sound :smiley:

48mil on the Discoverer start.
Just getting started on the Newbie start.
Just spent 2 hours on yet another newbie start.

There is not enough time to spend in this sand box. Very few catgold nuggets, so far. A few bugs, but nothing breaking my fun.

Downloading now after watching a bunch of youtube reviews. I had fun with X3 and this looks like a good winter game.

Edit: I’m very much enjoying this one, once you get the flight controls & key mapping worked out.

Hey everyone! New member here and I just jumped into X4. This was, hands down, the most painless HOTAS setup I have gone through on a space flight sim. The pre-defined button layouts really sped it up. Anyone had luck with finding and claiming abandoned ships? (I’m cheap like that :slight_smile:)

I’ve found a grand total of 2 :smiley: But I’m sure there are more to be found if you’re actively trying to find them, or ‘help’ them get abandoned.

So a couple of days into the game now and I’m loving it! Turns out the abandoned ships won’t have an owner three letter prefix in the map listing. So no TEL, PAR, HOP, etc. Just the ship name. Only had to buy one of my nine ships :smiley: This one is really pressing all the right buttons for me!

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: The whole X Series has always been a bit of a niche market, but X Rebirth (despite being crap) and X4 make things a little easier, but still leave you with a ton of options of what to do, where to do it, just explore, fight, take over enemies, whatever.

Always been one of my favourite game series, together with Anno.

The 1.5 patch is now out of beta and official. Nearly every issue I encountered has been fixed in this one. My Nemesis Sentinel can now get out of hock with the Holy Order. Everything seems to be snappier and the ships are reporting more often and maintaining their orders better.

I’m at 115 million cash and just over half a billion total assets. 40 ships and 22 stations. I even set one up at the gate from Holy Light to Faulty Logic and it shoots down any bad guys that come through. Sometimes when a whole fleet pops through, my base, its defender ships and my own ship (after a hectic emergency relocate) get swept up in a massive battle to prevent them from breaking out of containment. Having a great time with the game even after 300 hours in.


How do you like to run your stations? Self-Sufficient to produce a product. Or single product production? 22 of them!! wow.


Since my game has been running from release to 1.5 it has grown with the needs of the patches. For instance, my HQ is self-sufficient and is still the source of all my end user/specialty products like missile components/shield components. When I started the base in the campaign, the first thing that struck me was that every module was going to need hull parts and claytronics, so those were the first two things I produced. Then it was food and medical (Argon crew) after that it was whatever I thought would sell. And then when the enemies got tweaked in a patch and started showing up more often I added missile components, shield components, field coils and advanced electronics so I could add defenses.

It was at this point that I started needing outposts to guard sector gates, and just began building missile and beam bases near gates leading to enemy sectors. And even though I could keep up with the specialty component needs, the bulk building materials were being stretched thin, so I built in Nopileo’s Fortune VI to claim the sector since I was using Nopileo’s Fortune II for my mining source so heavily and it also became a second source of hull parts.

Then when 1.32 released and the Nemesis I ordered from the HOP got stuck in production I built a station right there to build and supply a steady stream of engine parts to their wharf. Then it kept getting attacked, so that’s when I built the biggest defense station I have at the moment. I figured out that while you couldn’t build super close to a gate, you could place a very small plot near the gate, and then increase the plot size so that the edge closest to the gate expanded to be right at the gate portal. That killed the enemies as soon as they emerged, or at least in the case of large groups caught their attention long enough for me to get there and fight them personally. And that left my engine parts station (supplemented by HQs engine parts) to feed the HOP wharf with engine parts. Unfortunately, the ship completion bug was more than just not getting enough parts, it also put player ships at the bottom of the queue so I wasn’t actually able to free my Nemesis until 1.5, but I didn’t know that at the time. However, since they were permanently in need of engine parts and I had two stations churning them out just for HOP they made a steady stream of cash.

Now with 1.5 out and warfare much closer to what the devs intended, I’m building on the other side of the Faulty Logic gate, and it’s been pretty interesting. I can hold off the rank and file, even the odd K, but sometimes the enemy pop out an ace pilot and he makes a mess of my defenses and production before I can arrive with my fleet. But that’s exactly what is currently making it fun. I’ve really tried to embrace all the positives and negatives about each patch and just try to get as much fun out of each one on its terms. Peaceful universe? Build economy, Enemies around? Build defenses, A certain product becomes important? Supply it, Enemy sectors can finally be pacified? Invade!

So to answer your question more directly, I built whatever was needed, in a very unplanned, ‘organic’ method. So I have a bit of everything as a result.

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Thanks for the post! Your explanation and story is a great read and informative! I appreciate it.

have fun,

Having mutiple smaller stations actually has one advantage: Your crew will grow faster.

The crew growth is per station, so if you have 10 factories in one station, it’ll get efficient much slower than if you have 10 stations with 1 factory.