Wow Classic launch and Beta testing schedule - Updated**

For a chance at beta you MUST go to battle,net account under “games and subscriptions” / beta testing and select classic WoW. And you must have an active WoW account.

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Thanks for staying on top of this Mmow!

Starting today June 18 you can install Classic for the stress test tomorrow .

Changes to Launcher

is there a guild created on one of the test servers?

No guild.

July Stress Test date change.

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Are they sending invite emails for this closed beta, or is anyone subbed in this beta?


Closed Beta ends July 12, no more invites that I know of.
The Stress Test on July 25, I “assume” will be open to all that have an active WoW account, as that’s how the last test was. I will post more info once it’s available.
And these stress test only last for 2 hours or so, BUT they leave the servers up for around 48 hours :slight_smile:

You need to use the search button original poster, I already had a thread on this hehe ;-p
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Mod Mod where they hiding at the beach most likely.


Yea July 12th is the end of beta testing with an event scheduled in the beta. I would highly assume they would not invite anyone extra for this.

July 25-26 is the worldwide stress test, so US and Europe players should be able to get into this, I think that if you have a retail account active you are all set to download the classic client and have at it. I did not see any mention of a level cap for this one, but not sure didn’t really try and sniff out the details on the level cap.

Final Classic WoW stress test for July 25th has been postponed to a later date.