WoW Classic in August

So not a lot going on in the old MMORPG world these days, especially in development.

One item I may check out is WoW Classic when it comes out. For me it will be a flash in the pan experience, but a little nostalgia might be nice (so long as it does not cost me much). :slight_smile:

I am having a hard time getting pumped for this title. I remember all of the sitting with food, really hard pulls and massive quest grind. I hear they are using improved engines, so maybe the raw mechanics will be better, and we will not have the old nostalgic queues to get into the server.

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Just make sure you never spend any of your money before level 40, or you won’t be able to buy a mount.

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It’s sure on my calendar. Do we have a forum for it yet?

lol…I believe that you just posted in the WoW Classic forum :wink: We also have a Discord text and voice channel set up.

If you are asking when there will be a seperate WoW Classic forum along with an OTG chapter, that won’t happen until release. That is currently scheduled at the end of August.


Looking forward to it!

Folks if you have any ideas on the Alliance side set up, PM and I will act as a communications conduit up the chain. There is a lot of informational noise for those setting up the various forums, chats, voips, etc. if we can streamline our WoW Classic Alliance information/requests for them, it will likely help them to help us. At any rate, feel free to reach directly to me with any ideas!

Go back to no voice comms, hehe!!

The old way have to type everything in chat, j/k

Some things have forever changed things

No WoWhead either that would be a trip, but they have already sectioned off a classic section with all sorts of info.

Heads up… on Tuesday August 12 you will be able to create and name 3 characters on a server so I’m guessing that they will be making public names of the servers and giving us access to download at least part of the game…

Cool :slight_smile:
I was thinking of all the things we can do if both OTG factions join the same server. We could have PVP day or Guild PVP Tournaments. :slight_smile:


I don’t think same server is NOT a good idea…too many opportunities for bad juju too happen between members.

Also I hope we are joining pve servers, I don’t remember though is there a distinction back then or could you just flag anywhere. I did some TM vs Southshore world standoffs but not much else.

Do you mean being on the same server is not a good Idea?

A few points to consider:

  1. We will be on a PVE(RP) server. There will be no open PVP and what PVP will happen will be like it is now I believe. Challenging your opponent to a duel? You’re under no obligation to accept the duel request. I think that was in Classic. It was already a thing when I joined WoW in patch 2.4.
  2. If you enter Battlegrounds and Arenas. There will be PVP. It’s a PVP area. If you don’t like PVP then don’t go there.
  3. We are all adults here and this is just a game. You may meet other OTG members in PVP areas. Have fun with it but don’t be a drama queen. Drama will be referred up the chain of command for resolution.

@Finbar @Dewald @Hashberry Your thoughts? Hope I’m not totally off base with this.

I believe (could be wrong) that Classic is launching with PVE, PVP and RP (not RP-PVP). If it does launch with both, are you looking at RP or PVE? I assume you guys are more up with the news than I am :stuck_out_tongue: If it launches with both, I suggest PVE. It’s more popular and likely to stick for your audience.

You won’t see arenas for a while. They weren’t added until much later.

I personally suggest separate servers for Horde & Alliance, similar to the setup that exists now for normal WoW. Different servers in classic had very different atmospheres and cultures. Why limit OTG to just one server? If you roll both factions, I think it would be more fun to not only have a different story line, but a different server attitude as well. Also, reasons.

Classic is fortunate to be coming in with the ability to learn much from the established WoW chapters, but still grow into something totally it’s own. I think @Kelryth and @Finbar have a great opportunity to show the OTG community some fun with this one.

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We’ll figure it out. OTGers can be a prickly bunch when it comes to PvP. I seem to recall hearing of an issue or two at one time, but honestly I don’t think instanced Battleground PvP will be a big deal.

I would be against being on the same server if the PvP was open world/non-consensual, but that will not be the case here. I would suggest putting up a poll and letting the membership decide.

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Classic PVP on PVE services will function the same way it did in Vanilla. You can enable your PVP flag at any time you choose and you are then flagged for PVP and anyone else flagged for PVP would be able to interact with you in PVP combat. This also would include the auto flagging for pvp if you attempt to attack a PVP flagged player or an enemy faction NPC (generally guards), or if you healed a friendly player flagged for PVP. To remove your PVP flag you unflag yourself. This takes 5 minutes to happen and any act that would flag you for PVP will reset the timer.

As Hashberry mentioned, do not confuse PVE and RP. Those are 2 distinctly different designations for WoW servers. When joining an RP server, the community expects that you will in fact be RPing. Speaking or acting in a non RP fashion on these services is generally frowned upon by the community.

You can still do world PvP as mentioned above on a PvE server and since arenas are coming soon with ranking it won’t be like it was in Classic where the only PvP was in the world or at SM or Tauren Mill for over a year or more. I think that PvE offers folks the choice of both worlds.
Also if they are staying true to vanilla then you can’t roll a toon on both sides of the war on the same server.

Kel and I talked about it and we think that we both like the following:

  1. The Horde and The Alliance on the same server (Post Edit: MAYBE - See active poll).
  2. A PvE Server (Post Edit: MAYBE - See active poll).
  3. Maybe the PvE RP Server (Post Edit- Likely not doing RP server due to lack of OTG interest in RP - See active poll)

Note 1: (Post Edit- Likely not doing RP server due to lack of OTG interest in RP - See active poll) PvE and RP servers are mechanically identical. The difference is cultural and aesthetic. And it is a culture that I personally like for a lot of really subjective reasons (they tend to not be L33T asshats, they tend to be more respectful, they tend to be ultra casual - like OTG, we have RPers in OTG, I like the game-play ambiance that RP brings to the world - this alone makes the game more “classic” IMHO).

Note 2: (Post Edit- Likely not doing RP server due to lack of OTG interest in RP - See active poll) We are trying to dial in servers now, because in August we can pick names on the servers. The more ready we are, the more likely we are to be successful in that endevour. By picking the only PvE/RP server (called the RP server) we can get ahead of the ball and not need to worry about organizing on server choice on release day.

Note 3: I talked to the OTG Alliance community, and they are encouraging us to just use their discord channels to help bolster the overall OTG WoW community. There are more than enough channels there for us all, and there is no value in segregating Horde/Alliance in a near zero PvP environment. Segregation between Horde/Alliance has no community value for players or OTG as an organization. Indeed many players on the Alliance Discord channel are already actually playing both Alliance and Horde (changing back and forth as they want), and staying solely on the Alliance discord channels (which is on the official OTG discord server). I am inclined to agree that this is a really great idea.

Note 4: Thanks everyone for your opinions. Feel free to private message Kelryth and I for any questions or concerns on this approach.


On an RP server all you need to do is have a proper name (“Iwillcrushyou”, “Roguesftw” and “Shammysrule” are examples of names that would be against the Roleplaying Naming Policy. ) and chat in character if you use /say and /yell and possible other public channels. Guild chat is normal I believe. Just be mindful of other players RPing. Try not to disrupt them.

For more information about RP servers in general:

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I believe you are not really grasping the wow RP community. This is not just a PVE server by a different name. When you play on an RP server you are expected to RP all the time. You are your character, if you are a rogue you are expected to act and speak as your character would.

These servers will be enclosed communities and reputation will again matter. We do not want to get the reputation as the non RP guild on the RP server. While I am sure there are some people in the guild who will be happy to RP at all times in game, there are also going to be people who do not want to act out their character. I know I personally would not want go around coming up with some grand epic story about why I want to run a dungeon and what mighty knights I need to join my crusade. I want to be able to stand in a city and use a public chat to say “Hey I need 2 more people for this dungeon who wants to go”.

So I am not locked to the idea and am fine not playing with OTG on the RP servers. - Thus the “Maybe”. Asking around and talking here it looks like lots of people are not interested in RP server, because not interested in RP. So we will skip that, and try to learn the name of a NORMAL PvE server ASAP.

With that said, I played exclusively on RP servers for years before joining OTG on their servers and know it is not nearly as rigorous as it is being presented here. Most people on RP servers do not even RP. BUT; I take the point that some people would not be interested in it; and you make a good point about us having a reputation as the “non-RPers”. Because of this I am happy enough with not using RP servers. :slight_smile: