Worst customer experience ever?

lol So I decided to repost from my social media. I copy/pasted to the competition as well since I called them to make sure Telus did not “cancel for me”.

Pull up a chair everyone, allow me the pleasure of regaling with a tale of high adventure. I shall call it, “@Telus, the Worst Company Ever?” In 2007 I moved to Edmonton and lived with a friend and his family for the first few months. They used TELUS for their ISP. It was okay. Not as reliable as competitors I used out East, but hey, it is the wild West so let’s set the bar lower. I eventually get my own apartment and (foolishly) call Telus to book an appointment for install. The install was going to be nearly 2 months later. Wow! I book it anyhow, but then try calling their local cable competition, Shaw. Shaw can install it before I even move in (the day before, actually), which is over a month before Telus. I call Telus, and cancel, but I am cut off before the call finishes. I promptly call back, and the person says she needs to put me on hold at the end though she has already cancelled it, and of course, I am cut off again (I was on a landline BOTH times). Regardless, at this point I (foolishly) assume all is well, but then as the move date is getting closer I decide I better call them and make sure they are not coming. The third call to Telus goes well, and it was already cancelled. All is well, right? HAHAahhahaah! Foolish mortals! You have no idea who you are dealing with. I move in to my new place and there is my Shaw box, package, and etc. Suspiciously, I have some stuff from Telus too, but absolutely no Telus equipment. I wonder, “why is this Telus stuff here when they could not come for install over a month from now anyhow?” I laugh, and move on. Clearly, I am a fool. Just over a month later, I receive bills from Shaw and TELUS. Now I have Shaw equipment and email, but I have no Telus equipment so I laugh it off assuming some clerical error. I then, a month later, receive a demand not from the morons at TELUS. I am angry, and call them. I explain the situation, but the vapid fool on the phone insists I have Telus. If you know me you know how that went. I get pretty angry, and start using colourful language with this clearly idiotic individual. She threatens to cut me off. I laugh, throw her some more colourful language, and I hear clicking while I continue to tear strips off her. She can’t cut me off because…I…am…not…using…Telus. What a moron. She agrees their error, and I have to pay nothing. All done, right? HAHAHAHAHhaahhaaa! Nope! A month later a new demand, and threats of collection agency. I call back, destroy the first moron who tries the “I will cut you and your service off” until I demand to speak to a Supervisor. Finally, perhaps the only person not a moron at Telus turns out to be said Super who fixes it. “I will never deal with Telus again”. I lied. Last weekend a nice guy at the door who I regale with the tale, but he is so nice and offers me a free month, and half the price of Shaw thereafter, I say “sure, let’s do this.” So I am booked for an install on Sunday. Sunday comes…nothing. No call, nothing.

Now the guy at the door said I was lucky as the neighbourhood shows we have 150. Still half the speed of Shaw, but not shared like Shaw. I will give it a shot and see who wins the race. Monday (or Tuesday) I get a call from Telus to book the install, I laugh saying it was supposed to be Sunday, but sure, why not? Uh oh though, they only have 100 here. I agree anyhow, since it is free, and move ahead. Days pass and I think, “can these morons pull this off?” I receive a text on Friday confirming appointment time is set for Sunday. Three hours later I get a call from Telus (which goes to voice mail) informing me the appointment is cancelled as the area only has 100 and I need to call to confirm I want it still. I laugh, do not call, and assume I am done with these morons. Nope! I receive a call this morning from the technician, I laugh and tell him I was told it was cancelled, but he can come. Am I dumb, or what? He comes, I tell him about the last week and he laughs, but then stops and says, “100?” I say, “yeeeeeessss?” He says, “no, no, no, 25. The best this area has is 50.” I laugh, he laughs, and I show him the door. So clearly TELUS has no idea what they are installing, when they are installing, if they installed, and are then attempting to install much less than agreed to in hopes people do not notice they were lied to from the get-go. I plan to call them and do my absolute best to make sure I never see another Telus employee ever for the rest of my life. If you are pondering Telus or some other ISP, I know what I would recommend. @telus, are you the worst company in Canada? I hope this brought a laugh to someone as I sure find it utterly hilarious.

Why in gods name would you go back for seconds?

Telus is to Comcast as a tennisball is to a meteor.

To add my own: Took me over a year, 5 collection agencies, 2 court cases, having my bank accounts blocked, and a ‘sincere apology’ to unfuck the mess my insurance agency made by having my name in their system twice. Spelled ever so slightly differently.

Got all my money and then some in the end, but suffice to say I was no longer with them for my insurance…

Guy at the door seemed pretty desperate and I was in an emo/compassion mood. Trust me, I am going to stomp out the last of my compassion. lol :slight_smile: