Word from Mid

Got a brief text message from Mid this morning.

Hi. We are all good here. Just have very limited (if any) internet service and cellular service. And like everyone, under a boil water notice.

On a very welcome warming trend. Cell service is going down again.


? whats going on?

She lives in Austin, Texas and was affected by the recent winter storms. Power outages, no water, no cell service…etc.

I have her on my speed dial since we became friends and we keep each other informed over important events. Since its hard to know who is having issues in a crisis like what hit Texas recently, it helps to have contact in some manner or other.

Her message was sent shortly before cell went down apparently, judging by her comment. But she and her family are safe.

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As a Canadian, I am quite upset about the texas government. They learned NOTHING about the same thing that happened exactly 10 years ago. They had a 10-year head start to prevent the next tragedy and did nothing at all “because it was too expensive” and then what’s his face flees the state to a tropical resort in Mexico while people are dying.

Canadians have plow lines and salters, heated streets, little one-man plow tractors for sidewalks, heating centers for the homeless, and emergency shelters, we even teach our kids about winter survival in schools and we Winterize EVERYTHING because we know the cold kills the unprepared. Even though we have all this, people still do die occasionally from winter.

I hope mid and all our other guildies in affected areas stay safe.

Stay safe and get a generator.

I too live in Austin and suffered this fiasco. I am fine in case anyone was wondering.

At least I now know I can live in my car if I need to. But now I get to look forward to all the repairs needing to be done to my place. One benefit of being a renter, it’s not my money, lol. But it will disrupt my working at home and stuff when it happens (not holding my breath on it getting fixed soon since there are plenty of people around me in worse shape).

It’s gonna be awhile before the state recovers from this. And still waiting to see what the final death count and new Covid case numbers will look like after this. Bad situation all around.


Eyebeam, I did not know you were in that area. Glad you survived that mess but sorry its such a mess. Please stay safe and keep us posted on how things are with you.