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Hello all, I have not been around much but been lurking. Had to move to OHELLNO (Ohio) and it has been a tough move. We signed up for the only internet provider which is Spectrum (TWC) and have been having wifi issues on and off. I am supposed to have 1G wired which I do but the wireless is giving us fits. It will cut in and out. I have tried a new router but that did not cure the problem. They installed the modem and router in the basement and I was wondering if this could be the issue. I can have a TV upstairs streaming Netflix and when I go downstairs and start streaming a movie it will cut out the upstairs or even if I am the only one streaming it will cut out. Also in the morning we can get on an Ipad at will lose connection for no reason. Any thought. I raised the height of the modem and that has not helped yet. I called support and they say everything looks fine on their end. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The only real advice I can give: Wire your house. Forget about wireless.

But since people don’t want to hear that…

  • Make sure your router is set to only one band, there are issues with multiple devices connecting to multiple bands.
  • Line of sight, floors, walls, all impact your signal. Reinforced concrete is the worst.
  • If the wifi router and modem are 2 different boxes, look up what the router actually is, and possibly invest in one that actually has more signal strength. If the router came from your ISP it’s almost guaranteed it’s a shit (cheap) one.
  • Repeaters might help in certain cases.

I tried a different router and it still does the same thing. I am wondering if I am getting interference from being in the basement so I might move the modem. My TV that is in the same room as the router even cuts out on both routers. The router I bought is a etstream AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Gaming Router with 1GB RAM and 800 MHz Dual-Core Processing.

is there a microwave between your pc and the basement router that is frequently in use?

the TV service is cutting in and out also? you should call twc support.

Quick solution that would work and keeping your house wire-free would be using Eternet-over-power (EoP). Check it out, its cheap and work well. I made some adapter on my admin IT class :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any question, this is kind of my job, pm me, i’ll be happy to help! I have some commands and steps you can do to reset your internet connection.

No the microwave very rarely gets used

No the TV is using the wifi to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime

I’ve also heard good things about eop in the past. Running cat5s around the house is expensive if you have it professionally done, and a real Pain in the ass to do yourself nicely on multistory homes.

Try turning the tv off and see if it keeps cutting out. Also any other devices connected to the wifi other than your pcipad you’re playing your games on should be turned off. All devices connected to the wifi network have to share the airwaves and can interfere with each other. Assuming that you’re getting full bars.

Are you in the sticks?

I don’t know if you did it, but reset the router…It will erase the cache of the connections it knows and pull new information from your devices.

My internet speed is supposed to be 1G wired but I just did all that @JohnAng3l and my laptop is only getting 1mbs wireless download and 11mbs upload

Well that would explain why your Netflix is cutting out. you need 5mbs to stream at high quality. If that’s way under what you’re paying for then call your ISP. It’s a cable line which is shared. The traffic on your block might be pretty bad.

Ok, i would have the ISP check the installation over. Something went south. Don’t just ask them to check on their side of the connection, they can’t tell what’s going on further than their modem. I assume you did a speed test, it usually shows where the connection is originating from, make sure it is really coming from where it suppose too. Meaning there is no VPN or anything that moves your connection around.

If you have the means and the will, you can always ask for a dedicated lease line (DLL). More expensive, but you would be alone and have 100% of that connection to you.

Also with that kind of speed it’s not really a wifi issue. 5ghz wifi should support up to like 210mbs-1gbs for your internal side assuming that all devices are well in range.

In a normal household, the public IP adress is divided between multiple (your devices) private IP adresses. So more devices, the more your public IP will be torn appart. so for 1G wired connection with cellphone,laptop,tv,etc, i wouldnt be surprise to see your wireless speed at 50 to 80Mbs. But 1mbs is way too low.

Ok called the ISP and they got it fixed from what it looks like. Some of the settings in the router were set wrong. I am up to 500mbs over wifi now. WOOOOHOOOO. Thanks for all the help :grinning:

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Weird considering it was brand-new and u did a factory reset…But hey! Enjoy that 500mbs speed :wink:

Yeah I have no idea what they did but they did it good. Now it is time to do some serious gaming . Not that I am even serious lol :rofl: