Who will be playing this title at release?

Im in…

Just ordered yesterday and will be in Aug 25 if not sooner.

I preordered back a few months ago… looking forward to release

Pre-ordered as well. We’ll see how the beta is.

Just watched a couple of videos and I believe I will be playing at launch.

I am in

Just preordered yesterday. Looks like it has alot of potential and can’t wait to get in on the ground floor :slight_smile:

I’ll be playing at launch.

In at launch

It seems we are getting more and more people the closer we get to release, this should be a fun ride.

Pre-ordered Locked and Loaded!!

I am in

I’m looking forward to the release, August 25th(?). I’ll hop into the Beta July 23rd to get my feet wet, understand the basics… I take it, as close to release , the July 23rd Beta opening will likely be stress test related(?).

I will be playing new world, however I much as I would like to I don’t think I will be rolling with the OTG tag in this game. Even though the PvP is an opt in system the PvP is still a very centric part to the mechanics of the game.

Count me in July 23rd. =)

I would very much like to try this game. It looks like the crafting could be very fun.

I have my pre-order done. Ready to go!

I will be there… I hope. Ordered on Steam but their client shows the August release date. Will the closed beta access just appear in their client on 7-23-20 ?

Trustee has preordered the game and will try it out in beta - Looks interesting - I plan to be playing.

Just pre-ordered and will be there on release.