Who will be playing this title at release?

Poll to see how many OTGers will be playing New World

  • Will Be Playing New World at Release
  • Maybe later after it shakes out

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Playing the April closed beta definitely, release all but surely unless I find it unplayable.

Thanks for making this @Dewald

I’ll be playing this, I’m definitely interested in the community building, I want to see if it is anything similar at all tothe community building in Star Wars Galaxies.

Yep I will be there from the beginning. Looking forward to it.

100% will be playing at launch unless the Be try a is a complete trainwreck. Not sure h ok w much time I’ll get launch week because of work but I have the week after off so I’ll be playing 8+ hours a day week 2 :slight_smile:

I plan to play at release, but like others have stated that’s dependent on the beta. If it turns out that I just don’t like the direction they took the game (which has nothing to do with the PvP changes, I’m 100% behind those), or it doesn’t seem ready for launch (content gaps, etc.) I’ll probably wait.

Undecided, actually thinking about pre-order to see what the beta looks like, but still undecided.

Yeh playing at release until I get sick of it or AoC comes out.

i also preordered for beta to check it out

Put “maybe later” but waiting for next beta…

I preordered. I personally liked the first beta but in the end I commit long term to no game.

Unsure right now; but have been waiting for something new to try.

devs seem indecisive on where to go with pvp and pve, so I am definitely waiting to see what happens after launch.

Will be playing starting with the closed beta (pre ordered).

Nice! Looks like we’re closing in on 50 members at least interested in seeing where the game goes.

Just preordered. Looking forward to the closed beta and hopefully don’t end up cancelling . Watching the available videos it looks promising with the (IMHO) correct adjustments made from alpha.

I pre-ordered today. Looking forward to something new to play.

Beta will be the true test and give us a good measuring stick, on how many are going to join us for this adventure. Once the Beta does start we are going to have to figure out the Company/Guild structure. I’m going to need a few volunteers to step in as officers. But we can tackle all this once Beta rolls around.