Which OTG Guild

It’s been a long time since I tried out WoW (last thing I can remember is raiding Deathwing with a goblin shaman), but I may be coming around again due to a couple friends that I like to play with. They are not on an OTG server, play mostly on the weekend, and they like leveling toons and general gallivanting around so I’m not sure how long they will stick with it this round. However, I know if I start playing I’ll likely want to keep going and do more stuff, so I’m going to hedge my bets by also playing on an OTG server at the same time.

I’ll be starting fresh characters, and I doubt my old server toons can fund any heirloom gear. I’ll play a couple characters simultaneously to see what I want to main (probably warlock and paladin/monk for role versatility), and will naturally spend some play time doing old content and standing/achievement grinds. I’m not entirely useless while wandering around as I also usually support end game content for guildies by harvesting components of needed consumables if I’m not participating in the content myself.

But the biggest conundrum I have is I’m not sure which OTG guild to play with. I don’t really have a preference for Horde or Alliance as either way I tend to make back stories for characters and that makes anything more fun to play. So what I am looking for is which guild may be more adaptable to my (sometimes crazy) schedule. I’m a consultant, and I just got back from a two year stint in Japan. It’s looking like my most promising next gig will also take me off continent for an undetermined length of time, but not as bad as a 14 hour difference from server time. So I’ll likely do most of my guild grouping/raiding on the weekends as server time evenings I’ll either be at work or sleeping. Is there a better OTG guild for weekend groups, and possibly a wider spread of weekday times when guildies are usually on other than just US prime-time evenings? As I learned from playing Warframe while in Japan…being the only one in your discord channel for hours gets kinda lonely. :sweat_smile:

Alliance play on Anvilmar/Undermine - servers based out of Chicago. Horde plays on Kul Tiras/Bladefist - servers based out of San Diego. If ping matters to you…

Alliance tend to be more chatty on voice and guild chat… more chatty in general. They also have more guild-wide “events”. :grin:

Both groups are very active. You can look at the static subcategories to get an idea of what happens when.

Welcome back to WoW!

Thanks Juulz; I thought all the servers were in the central zone. I end up in Asia more than Europe these days so that may make a difference.

Since you are thinking of playing a couple of characters anyhow to figure out what you want to main you could always split those between the chapters. That way you can get a feel for the way things work and which may be the better fit for you. As mentioned the Alliance tend to be chattier but both chapters are friendly and helpful and have decent numbers of players on at most times of the day from what I can see. Horde has a Sunday morning raid which might(?) fit your schedule.

Play both and then decide! It’s kind of like the mantra 'play what you like".

I also thought that Kul Tiras server was Central US time (we’ve always used that as ‘server time’) but am no expert by any means :slight_smile:

Oh yes, it is. The server itself is located in San Diego, however. :grin: