Which New World faction would you prefer OTG to be part of

  • Marauder
  • Syndicate
  • Covenant

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And I think 90% of people end up being Syndicate from that test. :smiley:

I like the mystery/investigation aspect of the Syndicate. I am mostly an exploration gamer so that intrigues me more than zealotry or conquest.

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Thanks for setting this up @Dewald.

I would suggest everyone take that test @Splutty posted.
My results ended up being Marauder, but I felt like I was Syndicate with the answers i made.

Once open beta comes and we all get our feet wet we can use this to set our faction once it releases. Or do another vote once we see who is actually join us for this adventure.

Or have everyone make 3 characters :smiley:

Looks like Syndicate for me :slight_smile:

1 character limit per server :frowning: Hopefully they’ll let us make more during beta to test out the factions if there’s any difference between them

Syndicate might align most closely with my personal philosophy. Boundless guile and intellect, that’s me. In the end I guess it doesn’t matter much.


Going with Syndicate.


BUT! I am good with whatever is decided by the Guild masses…just patiently waiting to get in the game ;0

I have interest in this game but haven’t yet look upon it’s details. According to splutty’s test, I’d be more suitable to marauder. As I’ve seen a link at the test to get more information on the factions, I’ve checked that out. Do I understand that if OTG goes into one, Syndicate for example, even if some OTG members have interest in other (I’ve seen 25% for Marauder), that the guild can ONLY choose one faction alignment? unless having 2 different factions guilds with OTG would mean that these two clans could compete to each other? seems so from what I’ve summary read. Hard guild decision if it’s the case IMO.


Reminds me of the ESO choice back at launch. Its a tough decision always.

We still have a beta. Make sure to make your voice heard if you’d prefer to be able to pick a different faction and still be in the guild. I don’t know how many changes they’ll be able to make in a month but I have a feeling this games systems will look vastly different in 6 months than they do at launch.

Syndicate but will go with whatever the choice is. Hopefully, they can do a great job of adding the PVE element into the game!

Result of the test for me is syndicate.

Tested Syndicate as well

I belong in the Syndicate!

I look to be Syndicate bound as well.