Which faction quiz

Amazon linked a personality quiz on their Facebook page for player to take to see which faction best fits their personality. Might be kind of fun so I’m linking it here.


Well according to that I should be syndicate. what are official OTG plans?

I got the Syndicate as well. I dont think theres been any talk about factions as of yet.

It gave me Marauder but I am leaning Syndicate.

i got syndicate

I belong in the Syndicate!

maybe I should know what the differences are :roll_eyes:

The dev blog video on the 3 factions has some minor details on what each faction believes in. To my knowledge it hasn’t been said if this is strictly for role playing purposes or if each faction gets unique advantages based on their beliefs.

I got “I belong with the Covenant”

Syndicate. Which I would have picked anyway. :scaredycat:

I came up as a Marauder. Haven’t looked into the factions any farther than that to know where I would want to start.



If we are in the “Syndicate” does that mean we have to name our characters;
Capone, Lansky, Luciano etc?

I’ll go with Al…just because its easier to type when mailing something :slight_smile:

Knowing the name generators Al will be to short so your stuck with Alphonse. :rofl:

I too seem destined for the Syndicate … looks like an interesting game.

I belong in the Syndicate!

Your biggest weapon is your brain. You defy your enemies by studying them and identifying their weak spot. Others perceive you as secretive and mysterious and might even underestimate you, which you only use to your advantage.

In the Syndicate you will meet many other allies with a hunger for knowledge. Together you will explore the hidden secrets and mysteries of Aeternum.

LOL same said I belong to syndicate… Clearly a lot of people choosing research related answers :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow like most of us - I belong in the Syndicate!

Syndicate also. Some of the answers though I was torn, so Syndicate with a side order of Covenant.