What does the well-dressed cleric wear?

Father Crowe wishes to know your thoughts, my children.
What does the fashionable priest about town wear?
From his time in beta Father Crowe knows it certainly isn’t cloth.
No no no. Father Crowe is but a young green sapling when he wears cloth.
Even a zombie or pirate can take Father Crowe down to half-health when he wears cloth.
But Father Crowe cares for you and wishes to keep you at near full health.
And to do that, Father Crowe must not assume your aggro.
However, Father Crowe does assume your aggro. (It’s probably because you’re a sinner.)(no, not a saint.)
Father Crowe would like to wear a titanium alloy cassock.
Failing that, Father Crowe would like the heaviest freaking armor possible (with Focus priority, Constitution secondary, Intelligence third).
Show the court on the paper doll where Father Crowe touched you.
No, not where Cefwyn touched you.
That’s right, Father Crowe touched you on your head.
Father Crowe has blessed you with the “Orb of Protection.”
Yes, if it heals you, it applies Fortify and Recovery to him as well.
But Father Crowe loves you.
Don’t let Father Crowe die to his terminal disease.
Yes, Father Crowe has what the leeches call “Crowe Suck” which has more than a decade of being lethal to self.
Help Father Crowe live.
Father Crowe will help you live.
Don’t make Father Crowe make more third person posts.

Dude, you know you liked it when I touched you.


And I too wear the heaviest of armors…and a sword and tower shield to complement my life staff.

Father Crowe? Well. A straw hat for one, and straw sleeves, and a straw shirt…

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Here is a little trip down Memory Lane to show how long Crowe has had his “Suck”. I made this in Rift in 2013.



Wow that was the year i joined otg and the game I found otg in

Ironically me too.

EP aka Evilpeppard recruited me into Rift

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Oh yes, I had forgotten EP’s gavel saga/ordeal. And due to RNG our other raid team had so many drop that we making other classes take them so we could do gavel-linking salutes to poor EP… And yes, Senecca was indeed HAWT.

Father Crowe (or whatever name I manage to get for launch) will be wielding a life staff and an ice gauntlet. Those heals blow throw the mana, so when I run out, I have to swap weapons and then turn into an ice cube for a few seconds to turbo-boost my mana recharge. An unwielded shield doesn’t give any stat bonuses, does it? If it does, I’ll throw one on. Otherwise, I expect I’ll have the fugliest mis-matched outfit ever.

I couldn’t believe EP actually invited me. I was a pug for a Raid and won the loot roll for a Wand he had been looking for. Then later on while I was raiding with him and his group I got the Gavel. If memory serves…he never did that thing to drop for him…

A shield doesn’t do dick for you if you’re not sword and board except add weight.

Don’t look now but someone changed colors…
My condolences!

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You can blame EP for that color change too haha. Be careful Crowe, he may come for you next…

Oh hell no. That ain’t happening – Discourse hits almost all of my OCD triggers. The Suggested Topics drives me crazy as there isn’t anything in them I’d be interested in. Seeing all sub-forum threads from a parent forum makes everything look so messy. I can’t dip my toes back into that pool. I can only do short sprints here before closing my browser out.

my 3070 did not fry… I made sure to limit the fps.

Ohhh Cefwyn — does the Spanking Monkey still float :slight_smile:

Hatchet and Life Staff.

Armor depends on the encounter, either:
Light class (head to toe > Medium, Light, Light, Light, Heavy) ​or
All Heavy