What do you do?

Probably a odd question. But I have just really started I have done all lvl 1 path for the Navy . Was going to go back home and do beginner paths from Gallente . Is this what I should be doing or something else ? Should I keep going to agents for missions or should I do other things. Thinking on being Industry or Explorer as primary for now. Any help ideas would be welcomed .

For me finding my niche in Eve Online is being more challenging than in other games I’ve played mostly due to the fact that Eve Online is a PvP-centric game and I’m not a PvP-centric player. I’ve run Caldari missions up to lvl4 and I afk-mine almost constantly and am currently skilling and “isking” up to an incursion capable ship.

But it’s also challenging due to the complexity of the game, PvP or not, there’s a reason that Eve Online is called a spreadsheet in space and not just for trade- i.e., I made a spreadsheet to figure out which interceptor to buy :stuck_out_tongue: Google the main categories of Combat (PvP or PvE), Trade, Manufacturing and Exploring and do some research and start training the skills you’ll need for whatever tickles your fancy… and if you’re anything like me expect to change your mind several times :stuck_out_tongue: In the meantime look in The Agency and Project Discovery tabs of your Neocon for things to do.

Thank You , so I’m headed in the right direction . I’m sure at some point I’ll be asking how do I move all my ships to somewhere I want to call home to base out of. Like is there a easier way than one ship at a time. Figure I will keep doing the agent missions for a bit to see where I get. I did play this game a long time ago and think I may have stopped because I was only playing alone at that time. It is a different type of MMO due to the fact it doesn’t hold your hand on what to do next , which makes it interesting to me .

Have you ever killed anyone? Try that and see if that sort of thing fascinates you.