WH 40K Inq. M. : Void Map : Neg 90% damage POS 336% damage

If anyone plays this my question below is about the damage output/damage incomming.

Ok, so I’m kinda hooked into playing (takes a deep breath) Warhammer 40K : Inquisitor Martyr. My 2nd character whose lvl 56 atm. Been chewing away at a void map for the past week and doing good damage output + survivability wise. I begin one of the maps and without any tarot card influence the map starts at -90% damage (me) +336 damage (enemy). Usually the maps start off with -25% dmg / +40% damage taken.

WIll I be able to contend with such a hard map in the future? due to skills / sockets / equipment? -90% / +336% is insane. lol


The short answer is yes. I have been playing since beta and OrdoMalignus is the cabal I started. It is maxed out and if you want to join just put in a request. I am the Grandmaster, so you can always have a spot and I have 4 spots open currently.

Psalm Doctrines are what make or break a build. Not all builds are equal. I highly suggest you visit this page to get the information you need. Granted as you get higher level you will become stronger due to skill points and better gear.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr - Compendium - NeocoreGames

I am Brostrodamus in game.

I’ll take you up on your (is it clan? order?) offer. I can’t recall my tag for wh40k … it’s either tpsabre, otgtpsabre, or even simply valhalla. I’ll let you know here and send a join request. I barely played the game when I first bought it (kinda over whelming) but gave it a second try and play at the very least weekly if not nightly.


I play occasionally now since Cyberpunk 2077 came out. :slight_smile:

I have 19 hours in and up to the brain dance with judy. I thought I’d wait for the January patch but sounds like that is now June.

PS or console? PC seems to be fine, at least for me. A few things are buggy but I have finished the main story.