Well Crud - New Release Date!

Order #[D01-xxxxxxxxxxx

We’re writing because an unexpected delay has occurred in delivering the item listed below:

Title: New World - Deluxe Edition

Your new expected release date: Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We’ll keep your pre-order open on your account and deliver the title as soon as it is released. As a reminder, you can always change, cancel, or view the status of your orders in [ Your Orders. ]
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|Why was my order delayed? While we do our best to adhere to our delivery estimates, availability of digital content can change based on information we receive directly from our suppliers. Occasionally, unexpected issues arise that result in changes to release dates for new products.|

Just got that myself. In return i cancelled my preorder.

I did as well. been prordered since December 2019. I simply do not care anymore. Between now and then I have the new Assassin’s Creed game, Cyberpunk, the PC launch of Horizons, two games from Dontnod Ent, and who knows what else. Maybe I will care a year from now.

Holy ScHmIdT that is one heck of a delay. Oh well I can wait, plenty to play until then.

That sux! When I bought the game this week I figured I waited close enough to launch and after a delay to avoid the letdown of a broken release date let alone one that’s over 10 months. :frowning:

I guess I’ll let beta determine if I request a refund.

Just confirmed on their web site…As a result, we will be changing our launch date - and correspondingly, our final beta test - to spring 2021. We don’t make the decision lightly, and we have urgency about getting the game to you as quickly as possible at the best quality – with some additions that will make the experience even better.

Found at:

We all should know by now that the gaming industry is full of crap , almost every studio out there commits to dates and then fails to meet those dates. It’s bad business plain and simple. But it gives me time to play some other games i have had on the shelf for a while.

canceled my preorder as well, will circle back post January 2021 and assess…

Well I had my pre-order for a whole 2 days. If the game looks like it will actually get finished I can buy it again next year. I was really looking forward to something new. Hopefully the time will be well spent on their end.

My WOW sub was ending on the 11th…they now got me for another 6 months.

It looks like those of us that pre-ordered and/or singed up for beta will at least get to look at the game Aug 25th.

"We’re passionate about the game we’ve been making and want to add more features and content before we share it with a wider audience. As a thank you to our community, we will be providing a special opportunity for our Beta sign-up and pre-order customers (plus our Alpha testers, thank you!) to play the full game of New World - in its current state, for a limited period of time starting on August 25th. We will send an email directly to those customers detailing the process to participate. We’re confident that you’ll feel that the game has as much promise as we do, and will understand why we want to take the extra time to make this experience the best it can be at release.

  • Rich Lawrence, Studio Director"

Do you think that the limited time mentioned is a short period, weekend week?

Heck what game am I going to get into? I have my new gaming PC arriving in 2 weeks LOL

You all should at least play on Aug 25th before you cancel

I’m out as well. Ashes of Creation will most likely have their Alpha servers up full time by then

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This is make or break for amazon studio’s dev career’s. Interesting article , it reads for lotr but applies to new world as well.

I don’t feel like the shift away from open world full loot PvP is concerning. If they had kept this nature of the game it would have established New World as a niche game and it would not amass or retain the customer base they are probably hoping for. What makes me cock an eyebrow is the fact that they were going to go for open world full lott PvP from the start as if they didn’t realize it was gonna set the game as a niche MMO from the start.

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Pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying from the start. And if you’re a somewhat cynical mind like I am, it makes you wonder if they know what they’re doing at all.

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They must have realized their pre-sales would crumble. So… with the Aug 25th thing, doesn’t that mean they will charge my account before letting me Beta? So basically they are just trying to take my money before I too cancel? Charging me and then kicking me out for 9 months seems a bit unattractive LOL


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As I understand Amazon pre orders you are not charged until its released so 2021.

One heck of a date revision for release… Wonder if this was an experiment to identify consumer interest?

Re PvP: Amazon is not about the vision of the producer, they are 100% driven by profit. The more people, the greater the profit.
Humble opinion of course. :slight_smile:

How I’d really like a classic DAOC style mmo to take center stage… Need some form of old school fix w/ the #'s to bring bliss-filled enjoyment. RvRvR, PvE, and crafting. This instanced cheap quick thrill PvP of today is not my cup of tea.
Getting old sucks. Haha!


I always loved the original Alterac Valley in WoW. Days of battle with actual targets and goals.