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Gathering Map -
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Here’s a good general guides and resource website I’ve been using. Comes with a build planner and browser.


Found this database that’s more updated

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Here’s a nice reference for crafting:

There’s video and it’s tagged for reference!

EDIT: Also another site with guides

The camping guide is great!

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New World announced August 5,2021 on twitter that they will not be implementing controller support in New World. So were on our own folks … I found this on Youtube …

How to configure your controller for New World (steam set-up).

**Update: ** This video looked hopeful at the time but at Open Beta I was not able to get this to function at all… I finally got my Microsoft PC Xbox controller to work properly using Rewasd software $10.00 Cdn. There is a community database with a preset configuration ready to use for New World which I used and modified to my liking .

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One of the best Fishing Guides I’ve found.
by Dynomega who also has a Youtube Channel about fishing.
SwoleBenji just made a Youtube Review of the guide. Rated 5 star.

NW Fishing Guide

Seems it was found earlier by Komma along with additional fishing sheets at the bottom of his list.

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