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Hey guys let’s keep all videos we find on New World in this post that way they don’t get double posted
Here is a link to the latest one i found, this guy " Ser Medieval" seems to get inside info prior to any other place i go to.

You beat me by 1 minute lol. I just came here to post this exact video.

Inside info, or he’s just making shit up :smiley:

Based on a lot of the changes they’re making ut sounds like they’re taking a lot of inspiration from black desert. If that ends up being the case (minus the p2w and upgrading system) I’ll be a very happy guy. Bdo is the mmo I sunk the second most hours into in my mmo career. I’d still be playing it today if it wasnt for those two major issues

Oh and a more intelligent AI than black desert would be nice as well lol

What’s wrong with “Waiting to be mowed down in large groups”?

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A number of videos on the Facebook page, some I hadn’t seen before. Many are just a few seconds of nature being itself on Aeternum, which I enjoyed too. Gives a feel for the mood the game will set:

Not videos, but fairly recent and detailed previews:

This line from the mmorpg story gives me hope.

New World’s combat is fast-paced and requires you to react to the situation and approach each fight differently.

I’d love to see combat without a generic rotation or mindless button mashing in a mmo

Another good sign in that article (for me at least) was when he mentioned pulling up a healing staff and becoming a healer. I’ve been stuck in dedicated healer mode more than I’d like, but it would be nice to have the option.

One thing worth mentioning, I’ve seen a few people say you can pre-order the game through Amazon, get into the April closed beta, and as long as you cancel the order before launch (May 25th?) you won’t be charged. Steam, I think you will still be able to get a refund before launch. I’ve been looking to get in on the ground floor of an MMO for a while that I’ll play for a few years, preferably pay once and no subscription, I hope this is it.

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New video posted by Sir Medieval

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More information on the faction and pvp system

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New one on instanced and open world PVE content they’re working on

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Dev Blog #3 was just posted, this time on combat. Nothing really new here but it’s explained a little better

this could get interesting with the history factor for future content in DLC’s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVDpxC22oSg juicy info

More good stuff in this video… enjoy.

pvp battles look pretty cool

NEW WORLD MMO PCGAMER EVENT Breakdown (Field Bosses, Alpha Progress, New Quests) posted on June 20th

ooooo =)